Love Island Winter 2023 – “If you don’t like me, move from me”

It’s all popping off this week and we don’t just mean in the balloon game… There’s been drama, tears AND romantic hideaway antics! Let’s get into it.

Bombshells of the Week

We saw two bombshells enter the villa right before a recoupling, just to really keep those islanders on their toes! Ellie Spence (25) and Spencer Wilks (24) had first pick, with Ellie choosing Ron and Spencer going for Olivia. Then in Sunday’s episode Samie Elishi (22) entered the villa, another bombshell who has made it very clear she is there for love and won’t let anyone get in the way of that!

Couples going steady

Once again we are happy to report that Tanya and Shaq seem to be the most solid couple in the villa. They enjoyed a night away in the hideaway where in Tanya’s words they got ‘Down and Dirty’! Will and Jessie have been going well but after Will’s behaviour in the balloon game and with the arrival of Samie, maybe the cracks might be starting to show.

Couples on the rocks

The question is – who isn’t on the rocks? Sunday’s show saw the end of Zara and Tom… we saw that one coming. Lana and Ron have just got over the Ellie hurdle but it seems his head is ready to turn again for new girl Samie. Tanyel and Kai have both admitted they won’t be closed off to getting to know other people if the right bombshell comes in. Spencer is coupled up with Olivia, but Olivia still likes Tom, and it looks like Tom might be moving on to Ellie – so none of their situations are looking straightforward.


This week we were treated to the Space Raunch challenge, during which the girls really delivered with their cheesy one-liners. On Friday the islanders played a balloon dares game, in some cases just the popping of the balloons caused drama before they had even got to the dare inside! Jessie was not happy about Will’s enthusiasm when Ellie got on top of him to pop her balloon. Later in the game Tom’s decision to make up his perfect girl using Olivia’s face, Zara’s body and Lana’s personality, was really the last straw for Zara.


This week the recoupling came with a twist – two new bombshells entered the villa and took their pick before even introducing themselves – how forward! Here’s the results:

  • Tanya and Shaq 
  • Olivia and Spencer 
  • Zara and Tom 
  • Lana and Aaron 
  • Tanyel and Kai 
  • Ellie and Ron 
  • Jessie and Will 

Best Bits

  • Tanya telling Will that his roar gives her the ick… awkward! 
  • “Do you think I’m bothered? I am bothered.” – at least Lana can admit it… 
  • Will trying to get Shaq ready for the hide away – “Can I put these on your nipples?” 
  • Science lessons with Kai – “There’s only one moon.” 

What we think will happen next

Samie has entered the villa and it looks like more than one head is going to turn – this could be the beginning of the end for some of our already unstable couples. It also looks like Tom is going to move straight from his love triangle with Zara and Olivia, to a new triangle with Olivia and Ellie… well at least he’s consistent. Hopefully they send in a few new boys this week to even the playing field!

Whose head will turn next? Drop us a comment below. For more Mecca fun, play our Winner Spinner here for FREE and have the chance to win up to £500 cash!


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