Love Island Winter 2023 – “On the job”

The boys and girls have had their grafting boots on in the last week – either cracking on with someone new or trying to make it work with their “long-standing” partner. Some have been successful, and others not…and we’re here to fill you in!

Bombshells of the Week

The islanders welcomed two new boys, Casey O’Gorman (26) a recruitment consultant and Jordan Odofin (28) a senior HR advisor. With their job experience it’s no wonder these two had the girls’ full attention when they arrived. They both got to go on three speed dates with the girls of their choice. Casey picked Lana, Olivia, and Jessie (who outright friendzoned him). Jordan picked Sammie, Olivia and Tanyel.

Couples going steady

With an overreaction on Shaq’s part after a kissing challenge (jealousy doesn’t look good on you mate), tensions were high between him and Tanya. But luckily, our ever-strong couple squashed it and returned to normal. Will and Jessie are still as cute and cuddly as always, and we hope it stays that way! Then in something of a shock, Olivia and Kai started getting to know each other more – and even shared a little kiss on the terrace.

Couples on the rocks

After Lana chose Casey over Ron in Sunday night’s recoupling, it seems there’s no longer any couple on the rocks as Ron declared he would let them crack on if she didn’t choose him. But we’ll have to wait and see if he really backs down. The man is once again in a friendship couple with Tanyel. Could it be fate?


This past week we had one (very telling) challenge – the kissing one. The boys were blindfolded and donned noise-cancelling headphones as each girl proved their lipsing skills. Bottom of the bunch was Jessie, which proves to us that she’s only got eyes for farmer Will. And top of the log was Tanya – who got very high scores from the boys, including a 10/10 from her man Shaq. Apart from bottom and top, there was someone in the middle who was causing a stir…Tanyel’s kiss with her best mate Ron. We’ve never seen two friends snogging like that, which is all we’ll say on the matter.


After a vote from the public which saw three boys in the bottom, the girls had to choose who to save and who to let go. Spencer and Aaron were dumped, and Kai got to stay. The girls once again got to pick and couple up with the boy of their choosing.

Here are the results:

  • Tanya and Shaq 
  • Jessie and Will 
  • Olivia and Kai 
  • Sammie and Tom 
  • Ellie and Jordan 
  • Tanyel and Ron 
  • Lana and Casey 

Best Bits

  • Shaq and Tanya dropping the “L” bomb – awwwww! 
  • Zara’s epic exit from the villa  
  • Will’s goodnight dance, the man has it all! 
  • Ron and Casey’s breakfast battle for Lana or should we call it the ‘avo-off’  

What we think will happen next

We really hope Lana forgets Ron for good and cracks on with Casey, who we know will treat her better! There are a lot of new couples who are just getting to know each other, so we hope to see sparks flying and more cuddles – unless new bombshells come in and start turning heads…

Do you think something will bloom between Ron and Tanyel? Drop us a comment below!


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