Love Island Winter 2023 – “The winners of Love Island are…”

The results are in, and our Love Island Winter 2023 King and Queen have been crowned. Sanam and Kai have made Love Island history as Sanam is the first Casa Amor bombshell to ever win! In case you missed it, let’s recap:

Winners: Sanam and Kai

2nd Place: Lana and Ron

3rd Place: Samie and Tom

4th Place: Tanya and Shaq

As always, the live final was packed with romance. We saw the final four couples dance together, or at least attempt to, and take it in turns to read out their heartfelt speeches. Tom and Samie, and Ron and Lana even said the L word to each other for the first time.

The islanders that were dumped

Before the final, a few couples were booted out the villa. Rosie and Casey were voted to leave in the public vote. During their final dates the couples each had to choose which couple they thought were the least compatible. As Ron & Lana, Kai & Sanam and Jessie & Will each received votes – they were all vulnerable to the final dumping. Jessie and Will were voted off by the public meaning they just missed out on making it to the final.


Our islanders showed off their talents or lack thereof in the talent show. Highlights included Lana’s magic trick, Samie’s tap dancing and Will’s hilarious rap.

The islanders also got wet and wild in the cocktail challenge.

The final week means the toughest day for the islanders – the baby challenge! Our couples each got to look after a life-like doll for the day and try their very best to stop it from screaming. Here’s what they named their babies: Bruno, Shanya, Rufus, Arra-Bella, and Tammie.

Family Reunions

There’s always one family member who isn’t entirely happy with what they’ve seen of their relative’s partner and isn’t afraid to say it. This year it was Shaq’s sister who let him know she was not best pleased with Tanya’s behaviour – awkward!

Jessie’s mum and sister flew all the way over from Australia to see her, leaving Jessie shocked that her mum even had a passport!

The Final Dates

As per tradition, the date team pulled out all the stops and sent the remaining couples on amazing dates to round off their Love Island experience.

Lana and Ron were serenaded by a choir before enjoying their date at a floating table in an idyllic stream.

Next, we saw Samie and Tom drive to their date location in a Ferrari! They had a harpist play to them on a picturesque island in the middle of a lake.

Shaq and Tanya enjoyed a stunning setting for their date, surrounded by twinkling lights and hundreds of flowers. During their date Shaq even asked Tanya to be his girlfriend.

Jessie and Will had a date to suit their fun-loving personalities – a barn dance. And Jessie asked Will to be her boyfriend!

Finally, Sanam and Kai had a romantic dance in a stunning candlelit hall.

Best Bits

  • Casey’s appalling trumpet solo in the talent show  
  • Will feeding his baby – “Here comes the tractor.” 
  • The Aftersun advert revealing the dumping before it had happened! 
  • Jessie’s surprise that her mum and sister came all the way from Australia to see her 
  • Sanam’s mum and sister reassuring her that her late father would have loved Kai 

What’s next

We can’t wait to see what’s next for the islanders on the outside and which couples will stand the test of time! In the meantime, we are already excited for Love Island to be back on our screens in June.

Do you think Kai and Sanam deserved to win? Drop us a comment below. For more Mecca fun, play our Winner Spinner here for FREE and have the chance to win up to £500 cash! 


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