Love Island Winter 2023 – “The head’s swivelling”

We’re a few days into the first week of the Love Island 2023 winter series and it’s definitely bringing a bit of excitement to these chilly January nights.

This series is being filmed in a brand-new villa in Franschhoek, near Cape Town in sunny South Africa. The new villa is reportedly the biggest one yet and comes with an Olympic-length swimming pool!

So, what’s happened so far? Let’s get into it.

The Islanders

As it’s the first week, here’s a recap of our original islanders.

Here are the girls: 

Tanyel Revan, 26, is a hair stylist from London. 

Tanya Manhenga, 22, is a biomedical student from Liverpool. 

Lana Jenkins, 25, is a makeup artist from Luton. 

Anna-May Robey, 20, is a payroll administrator from Swansea. 

Olivia Hawkins, 27, is a ring girl and actress from Brighton. 

Here are the boys: 

Kai Fagan, 24, is a teacher from Manchester. 

Ron Hall, 25, is a financial advisor from Essex. 

Will Young, 23, is a farmer from Buckinghamshire.   

Shaq Muhammad, 24, is an airport security officer from London. 

Haris Namani, 21, is a TV salesman from Doncaster.  

Last season it was up to the public to decide the first coupling, but this season the show went back to its traditional method of leaving it up to the islanders. The boys started off in the villa and the girls joined them one by one, each getting to pick which boy they would like to couple up with. There was a fair bit of chopping and changing, with Kai having three of the girls each try to couple up with him – lucky man! But this was the final result:

  • Tanyel and Kai 
  • Tanya and Shaq 
  • Lana and Ron 
  • Anny-May and Haris 
  • Olivia and Will  

Bombshells of the Week

The islanders were joined on day one by Tom Clare, a footballer from Barnsley. Tom had one day to suss out the girls before having the opportunity to choose who he would like to couple up with from the pre-existing couples. He picked Olivia leaving farmer Will as the only singleton.

As always, the bombshells come thick and fast, so yesterday the islanders were also joined by Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown and David Salako. Zara and David each had the chance to pick an islander to date before entering the villa. Zara chose Ron and David chose Tanya, leaving Shaq and Lana to eagerly await their return to the villa.

Couples going steady

It’s still early days so ‘steady’ may be a stretch. Tanya and Shaq were the first couple to kiss, but will her head be turned by bombshell David? It seems that Kai and Tanyel are the only couple who have focused only on each other since the first day – could they be in it for the long haul? We’ll see!

Couples on the rocks

Lana and Ron started off strong but after his date with Zara, it looks like Ron’s head is mid swivel… So, Lana might be open to giving Will a chance after all!


It wouldn’t be the first night without a saucy ice breaker game – as always there was raunchy dancing, re-enacting sex positions and even some toe licking… lovely!

We also got to experience the first challenge of the series, Dirty Laundry. During the challenge secrets were revealed about the islanders and they took it in turns to guess which secret belonged to who, by snogging them of course.


On Friday night we’ll see the first recoupling and possibly the first islander dumped from the island!

Best Bits

  • Shaq’s orgasm impression in the ice-breaker game – an Oscar worthy performance.  
  • Lana’s mini skirt ripping during her sexy lap dance dare. 
  • Will asking the boys to restyle him and doing a catwalk show in the bedroom.  
  • Tanya pieing Shaq – twice!  

What we think will happen next

We’ve got two new bombshells entering the villa and limited time until the first recoupling, so our prediction is that the islanders are going to be moving MAD. Ron reckoned all the boys will be going after Zara, and if he’s right that’s going to be make things very complicated – we can’t wait to see what happens. Let’s just hope farmer Will has a bit of luck!  

What did you think of the first week in sunny South Africa? Drop us a comment below. For more Mecca fun, you can play our Winner Spinner here for FREE – for the chance to win up to £500 cash! 


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