Love Island Winter 2023 – “Why is everyone moving like snakes?”

The final is so close we can almost taste it… and judging from the past week it’s going to taste bitter! There’s been more than one islander stirring the pot this week as well as some very juicy challenges causing extra drama. Let’s get into it.

Couples going steady

As you’d expect coming into the final week, most of the couples seem fairly solid, and with no new bombshells there hasn’t been any chances for heads to turn.

Couples on the rocks

If we’ve learnt anything this week, it’s that drama can either drive couples apart or make them stronger! In Sunday night’s episode things got a little sticky for Casey and Rosie. Rosie confided in Lana and Ron about how she was feeling, and Ron advised her that Casey needed to spend more one-on-one time with her to prepare for the outside. Ron may have had good intentions, but Rosie took this as Ron saying he didn’t think they would work on the outside… Later in the episode this led to a bit of a ‘he said, she said’ situation between the two couples. Ron and Lana are standing by what they said, and by each other, but does Casey think Rosie may have been bending the truth to cause a stir?


It was another week filled with drama-fuelling challenges. Casey took a lot of cream to the face during Snog, Marry, Pie and the boys showed their support for Claudia with their marriage proposals – we love to see it! Sammie also took her fair share of pies to the face; it seems she’s the one that got away for a few of the boys in there.

As always Sports Day was a very entertaining challenge to watch, with the islanders battling it out in silly skills tests including an egg and spoon race and paddling across the pool on inflatables. Unfortunately, some of the boys took the competition a little too seriously, which nearly led to a fall out when Tom got fed up with the winners going on about it – we don’t blame him!

We also got to see the A Couple of Sorts challenge, where the islanders had to guess what the public had ranked them in a variety of categories. Tom and Sammie were voted the hottest couple in the villa, while Shaq and Tanya were voted the horniest… no surprises there. In the less appealing categories Ron and Lana were voted the ‘biggest game players’, and Casey was not best pleased to be voted ‘worst dressed couple’ with Rosie.


There were no recouplings this week, but during the beach club party Maya Jama arrived to announce that Olivia and Maxwell had been voted by the public to leave the villa AND the fate of another couple was in their hands! They chose Claudia and Keanan to leave with them. Here are the remaining couples:

  • Tanya and Shaq 
  • Sammie and Tom 
  • Lana and Ron 
  • Jessie and Will 
  • Sanam and Kai 
  • Rosie and Casey  

Best Bits

  • Kai’s very questionable outfit for the hideaway 
  • Casey making Claudia’s coffee in a bowl 
  • Claudia saving the biggest pie for Casey – “You can’t have your cake and eat it!” 
  • Jessie getting busted by Casey for whispering in bed – “Get a life Jessie!”  
  • Will trying on Shaq’s skinny jeans after he was ranked one of the worst dressed islanders  

What we think will happen next

There’s only one week left to go until we finally find out who will be crowned the King and Queen of Love Island Winter 2023 – the excitement is killing us! But will the drama continue to creep in and divide the villa? Or will they sort out their differences and spend the final week in harmony? And with the talent show looming, who will reveal a secret skill and who will be embarrassing themselves? There’s only one way to find out!

Which couple is your favourite to win it? Drop us a comment below. For more Mecca fun, play our Winner Spinner here for FREE and have the chance to win up to £500 cash! 


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