The Benefits of Plants and Flowers

If you love plants and gardening, keep reading. With the Chelsea Flower Show coming up at the end of the month, and whether you plan to visit or not, there are plenty of benefits to having flowers and plants around you. Especially at home!

Here are some of the benefits:

Helps You to Relax

Studies have shown that indoor plants, and being surrounded by nature, can help to relieve stress and uplift moods. Colourful flowers can also help brighten up your home, especially during gloomy days. Specific plants and flowers can also help reduce anxiety, such as lavender which can also increase your quality of sleep.

Increase Productivity

Having plants at home or in your workspace can boost your concentration levels, according to research. Flowers can also have the same effect, due to their colours and scents, and can help to connect us back to nature.

Enhance Your Memory

Evidence has shown that plants can sharpen your memory, especially rosemary. It’s known to improve efficiency during mental tasks and can help promote memory retention. Thyme and peppermint are also known to have similar effects.

Improve the Quality of Indoor Air

Plants are known to refine indoor air quality by removing toxins and reducing pollutants. How amazing is that?! This could especially be beneficial for those who suffer from chronic allergies or asthma. Spider plants and Ficus trees are great for this, plus many more.


Looking after flowers and plants can be satisfying! Watering them and taking care of them can feel incredibly fulfilling and it gives you something to focus on. It can feel really rewarding to have a room full of healthy plants and flowers!

Will you be going to the Chelsea Flower Show? And do you have a favourite plant or flower? Let us know in the comments below!