The Best Ways to Celebrate your Dad

That time of the year has come around again. On Father’s Day, it’s always nice to do something to make the dads in our lives feel special!

Not sure how to celebrate this year? We’ve got you covered!

Check out our list below:

Family games night

Adult Son and Dad Playing Games Console for Father's Day

Buckle in for Father’s Day fun with the whole family! You can play anything from puzzles to board games, to game consoles. You could even go old school and play vintage games that your dad used to enjoy in his younger years! Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia, after all…

Bake a cake

Bake some Cakes for Father's Day

Home-made treats are just the thing to show your dad how much he means to you – and they’re a delicious way to do it! Why not bake your dad his favourite cake? If he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, you could always try your hand at knocking up a pie or even a quiche. Find a cool recipe and show off your baking skills!

Movie night

Popcorn night for Father's Day

Ah…who doesn’t love a film night?! Time to pick out your dad’s favourite films, get the popcorn and have a movie marathon! You could even kick things up a notch and play some old home movies. This is a lovely way to reminisce and look back on old times together.

Have a BBQ

BBQ Time for Father's Day

The weather’s looking up, the sun’s out, so you know what means, right? Do what dad’s love to do and get the barbecue out! Bring the whole family together and celebrate the day with some delicious food in the outdoors. You can check out some of our cool BBQ recipes here.`


Take a road trip. Hop on a train. Enjoy a Father’s Day getaway! There’s so much to do, from hiking ventures, to camping trips, to city breaks. You could always grab your swimsuits and head to the seaside for the day! You can check out our top 5 UK beaches here – or browse our full list of top staycation destinations

We hope we’ve given you some inspo for what to do this Father’s Day! Let us know what you get up to in the comments below…

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