The Most Iconic Duos

It’s International Day of Friendship on Saturday 30th July! So, let’s celebrate some of our favourite iconic duos:

Joey and Chandler

When you think of classic television besties, and bromances, Joey and Chandler from Friends are usually pretty high on the list for most people. Although their personalities are completely different from one another, they bounce off each other incredibly well and they’ve given us plenty of heart-warming as well as hysterical moments. From gold friendship bracelets, to their barcaloungers, to their pet chicken and duck (Chick and Duck) – there are just too many Chanoey moments that we love. Could they BE more iconic?!

Batman and Robin

This dynamic duo first appeared on our screens almost 80 years ago, and they’re still so iconic! Plus, let’s not forget about the comics. Although they have been played by several different actors over time, we simply can’t get enough of these classic characters. Whether it’s on or off screen, they are truly the ultimate pair, and not just in the superhero world!

Will and Carlton

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is deemed as one of the most loved 90s sitcoms, and with very good reason! Cousins Will and Carlton are pretty much like chalk and cheese – they could not be any more different, but over the years they developed a strong bond. However, they’re both incredibly loveable characters and they’ve given us heaps of classic moments, from their iconic dancing to all their cheeky shenanigans and adventures together!

R2D2 and C-3PO

Calling all Star Wars lovers! This galactic pair has played a pivotal role in the franchise, and they’ve also given us plenty of laughs. What’s not to love?

Ant and Dec

This legendary TV presenting duo had to make it to the list. They made their first appearance on drama series Byker Grove and soon became best friends and gained heaps of popularity through their presenting. They’ve won countless awards, host their own Saturday night show and they even made an appearance in rom-com, Love Actually.

So, who’s your partner in crime and bingo buddy? We’d love to know! Just leave a comment below and make sure to check out your local club’s page for any bingo buddy offers! You can also read our other entertainment blogs here.


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