To Party or Not to Party?

New Year 2020

What does your New Year’s Eve look like?

A night of partying, antics and booze-fuelled fun? Or perhaps a quiet one with a takeaway on the sofa? New Year’s Eve is a real staple in the social calendar, and one that is often celebrated (or commiserated) with traditional trimmings and song. But everyone is different! So, here’s a pretty diverse list of activities to make your New Year’s celebrations special.

Warning – potential hangovers ahead!

Staying home?

Here’s our top 5 list of stuff to do if you’re seeing in 2020 at home:

New Year’s Eve Games

Remember Cards Against Humanity – the adult game that swept the nation a few years back? Well it’s still one of our favourites this time of year! Admittedly, it’s far more comfortable to play with friends rather than family (or the in-laws to be specific). But after a few drinks at home, there’s nothing better than busting out a few classic games. Check out this list of the 23 hottest New Year’s Eve party games for this year. Wholesome fun for everyone!

What’s on the box?

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than snuggling down with your significant other and watching some telly. In an age of online streaming, watching conventional TV can almost seem nostalgic! But New Year’s Eve is a great time to boycott Netflix and tune in for some classic TV viewing. The Radio Times schedule is loaded with great movies, all day long. And leading up to the coverage of London’s annual fireworks display, there’s no shortage of hilarious panel shows poking fun at some of the highs and lows from 2019.

Join our £20k NYE bash!

What better way to put your shiny new device from Christmas to use that with the Mecca Bingo app! It’s available for free on both Android and iOS and is the perfect partner for a New Year’s Eve spent on the sofa. Then, once you’re logged in, head over to the Main Event room where you can get your hands on tickets for a massive £20,000 session! Join the action from 6pm. And don’t worry, games finish at 11pm, so you won’t miss singing auld langsyne!

Themed Pyjama parties

Yep. You read that right the first time. It’s a growing trend and frankly, we are here for it! Getting dressed up and heading into town for New Year’s Eve can be a very costly (and rarely worth it) experience. So, why not avoid the cost and hassle by inviting some friends over for a themed pyjama party? Imagine all the delicious food, booze, music and shenanigans of a normal party, but in ya jammies! Sounds good to us. Want to be inspired? Check out this list of fabulous PJ-inspired party ideas.

Make a memory board

There’s loads to look forward to every New Year. As the excitement builds and the countdowns start, lots of people seem raring to go and get after it in January. But we think a lot can be said for mindful reflection on New Year’s Eve too. And 2019 in particular is a significant one, as we’re not only seeing out another year, but we’re entering into a new decade! So why not create a memory board of some of your best bits and memorable moments? It could include photos or collaged collectables, put on a few reminiscent songs and just take the evening to appreciate everything you’ve accomplished and experienced this year or even decade. Check out these beautiful Pinterest wins for a little inspiration.

Going out-out?

Tear-up the town this NYE with our top 5 recommendations for places to go:

Fireworks displays

No, it doesn’t have to be the crowded streets of our capital – though there’s no denying they’re spectacular, we’d rather watch it on telly! There are loads of local firework displays that will set the scene perfectly. So take a look around your local town and see what’s happening in your neck on the woods.

Tar Bar’l at Allendale

So this one’s a little more obscure… in Allendale, Northumberland, the local community practice a long-standing ceremony on New Year’s Eve that has been celebrated for more than 160 years. In said ceremony, 45 local men carry whiskey barrels filled with hot tar through the streets in a parade. Everyone in the procession wears colourful fancy dress and has their face blackened with soot. The barrels are then tossed onto an enormous bonfire! If you can get over to Middle Earth, I mean, Northumberland, this New Year’s Eve, it’ll certainly be one to remember!

Hogmanay Festival

Expect an evening of drinking and merriment if you visit Edinburgh this New Year’s Eve. The city hosts the famous annual Hogmanay festival which offers an amazing atmosphere, torchlight procession, fireworks, music, colourful parade and loads more. It’s a massive event in the local calendar every year and we’d highly recommend it!

Party with Mecca!

It’s the perfect time of year to share a glass of something fizzy with your friends and play some brilliant bingo! Head to your local Mecca Bingo hall this New Year’s Eve and come party with us! We’ll keep the cocktails flowing and the bingo going right through into 2020.

Already got plans but still fancy a flutter? Download the Mecca app on Android or iOS and bingo-on-the-go!

Just dance

Calling all party animals! It’s an obvious choice, it’s tradition, it’s everything New Year’s Eve is hyped up to be. There’s no shortage of smokin’ hot parties, live music, raves and more to attend, but it can be a real pain to find something local to you and your mates. But if you’re searching for something near you, look no further! You can search for everything you need to make your New Year’s Eve something special right here. Choose your date, location and whatever you’re in the mood for doing. Then hit the town with your friends and have an amazing night!

Whatever you’re doing this New Year’s Eve, have fun, stay safe and we’ll see you in 2020!

Happy New Year from everyone here at Mecca.


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