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What a year it’s been!  March 23rd was the one year anniversary of lockdown and a day we all thought about everything that’s happened over the last 12 months.

So now that we have some dates to look forward to and will be able to start socialising again, we want to know what type of evenings out you’ve missed the most!

Are you ready to bounce back to bingo?  Looking forward to dancing the night away? Or maybe a meal at your favourite pizza place? There are lots of things that we haven’t been able to do and we’d love to know what’s at the top of your list for everything opening back up in April and May.

We’re definitely counting down the days until we can get our glad rags on and have an evening out with friends and family. 

And we’re pretty sure this is going to be a summer of celebrations.  Pssst – did we mention we’re 60 this year too?! Even more reasons to party!

So whether you’re planning to go out-out, or keep it casual with some quiet mid-week outings, we want to know.  Because we’re ready for the Joy Of Going Out (or JOGO for short!).

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  1. Missing days out with the kids, my youngest is 1 in 2 weeks time and has never been a day away due to being born when lockdown started, and my 2yr old has missed out on so much too

  2. Be great to see my baby grand daughter for first cuddle her .and maybe to go Cornwall to go see my 84 year old mum who I miss very very much

  3. mecca has been a good life line for me to keep up with friends and has help me through this bad year we have had

  4. I have missed seeing my family. My evenings out with my friends playing bingo, even if we don’t win we enjoy our social gatherings xx

  5. I have missed going it made our night to play and see people away from 4 walls and to try and win and the staff are great and it’s cheap

  6. I missed getting together with my mum, friends, and staff at the club. Having a good old natter and laugh. Doesn’t matter if I win or not it’s company that matters. Mecca has kept me going through lockdown xx Thank you so much xx

  7. Me and my son have really missed coming to mecca wrexham as my son feels safe there as he suffers with severe epilepsy and all the staff are brilliant with his can’t wait to back x

  8. Miss meeting up with my friends for our weekly get together at Mecca on Sunday evening, can’t wait for reopening

  9. Thing I missed most was family and my freedom xx

  10. Adrianna Koszkowska

    I miss clothes shop and play area for child because I have 2 little children 20 month old and 4years old and growing so quickly I am single mum and buy most on charity shop .Now lost my job on lockdown and very hard situation for us .

  11. I have missed seeing my family 😥 be so good to see my grandkids give them a cuddle 😊 and for us all go out for a meal together 😋 been so long , would love to take boys to cinema or just a day out together 😀 can’t wait 💋Xx

  12. I miss my bingo nights chatting to my bingo friends and banter with the staff

  13. Miss seeing my mum and family and also miss taking my mum to bingo where we used to have our dinner and a drink and enjoying a game of bingo x

  14. I’ve really missed my local Mecca Club
    Where I met up with family 2/3 times each week 😢

  15. I miss our local bingo club but we miss our families the most we are vulnerable in our household so it has been a rough year being in the house and not being able to do our usual things

  16. I miss being able to try footwear and clothing on before I buy

  17. We miss being able to take the kids out and have family time out side of the house its such a difficult time and my 2 youngest don’t quite understand why we can’t so its bin hard for them.

  18. Missed going on my first family holiday with my 3 children there partner’s and my grandchildren and not being able to see them

  19. I want to be able to have some me time, as a mum to 3, 1 with additional needs bingo has been my place to go out of the house for a few hours to relax and unwind. So can’t wait to get back.

  20. Missed seeing family and friends, night out with mum at bingo but most of all not being able to take my 7yr out to places and seeing him miss his friends been heart breaking

  21. Miss seeing my family miss going to bingo miss meeting my friends for coffee but most going to bingo

  22. Just miss normality, been home working for over 12 months now, but it has made me realise how much we take for granted so lessons learned. Cannot wait to be able to have a good get together with family and friends 😀

  23. I miss going to bingo and meeting up with friends and even better if I win. I really miss having my grandchildren to stay over atweekends. I also miss going to my craft class and having days out with them.

  24. Coming to mecca bingo hall bolton and going on day outs with the family

  25. The feeling of my mums arms around me when times are tough my mum takes all the bad away , so without her it’s been very tough but I know the power of love will keep us strong until I get that hug I need so much from my mum

  26. I’m a carer and I have missed seeing the light in my residence eyes when their family visit them, they seem to have missed out on so many anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, New Year, Mothers/Fathers day etc this pass year x

  27. Missing out on daughters pregnancy going to scans but thanks to modern technology she’s able to video call me and send videos over showing baby kicking 😟😊

  28. I miss not being able to go to mecca club with my mum and cant wait for you to open back up because it will be one of the first places I will be goin with her x

  29. I’ve really missed going out with all my girls who I see as family! We all need a night off from the kids and when bingo taunton opens again I cannot wait!!


    Missed everyone who i know plus my evenings at mecca bingo , but not long to wait gor all these things to happen

  31. Believe it or not but i have missed not being in work while on furlough. Ive missed mixed with my family and friends.

  32. Missing taking the kids on days out/meals with family ❤️

  33. I miss spending time with my family and friends. I have just missed the freedom of going where I want and seeing who I love the most. Can’t wait for human interaction. Human touch is the best. I can’t wait. Miss my sister’s and besties the most x

  34. Obviously I miss bingo! But the biggest thing I’ve missed is going to gigs with my hubby & dad

  35. I missed just my usual freedom, going bingo when I wanted popping in pub see friends gonna be different for quite some time I imagine

  36. i missed my daughter and her 4 kids so much (and son in law) i am shielding and she has worked all through lock down at her childrens school with key workers children so couldn’t risk seeing me, feels so good that we are getting nearer to being free soon x

  37. I’v missed the little things like a cup of tea with friends or a meal with family.

  38. I miss meeting with my sister for a chat ,coffee and a cake

  39. I miss going to the bingo halls and getting drunk and missing numbers 🤣

  40. I miss the social bingo evenings with my family and friends! Feeling the freedom of being able to plan and do what i want, missing earning money as i am a hairdresser i have been off and on with work for the last year!

  41. Miss the banter at bingo the staff customers at dundee douglasfield..and winning money😎😎

  42. Having the freedom to get up and say I’m going to do this today Or I’m going to meet with family/friends and just being able to do it

  43. I miss going to a Mecca club & losing !!! I miss those echo sighs in unison when the last number for line 2 lines & hoose are called I miss laughing when peeps have to share & I missed my free bottle of bubbly on my birthday ..40th birthdays are no fun at all & a bottle of wine had plans after work but I fell asleep!!! I miss the dancy jingles just before a game and winning on the slotties more than I do the bingo I miss being sociable and bumping in to friends and having funny dauber fights !

  44. Missed going to bingo with my bingo buddy not seen her for well over a year now 😔
    Can’t wait to get back on it 🥳😁🥰

  45. I miss our caravanand good times in it

  46. I can’t wait to come back to seeing old and new faces, spend time with my family there and generally have a great night out (away from from my four walls 😂) see you all soon ! X

  47. Miss my bingo nights out with my daughters during lockdown and fun days out with my grandchildren

  48. I miss afternoons out to mecca oldbury with my daughter ive got a lung condition shes my carer and I feel safe there and it’s a break for her too

  49. I miss going to bingo with my 2 daughter’s and my sister that was my time out

  50. I missed social gatherings with friends and just going out in general. I doesn’t even have to be out out but even just meeting friends without masks and indoors.

  51. I mostly miss my friends and family and the freedom to go indoors with each other! Not having to plan ahead!

  52. miss ma club bingo

  53. I’ve missed going to bingo and being with my friends I’ve played online but it’s not the same atmosphere as being able to go out have lunch and meeting up with everyone

  54. I have missed family days out to theme parks etc with my kids most.

  55. I have really missed bingo nights with the girls I went uni with xx

  56. I have missed my baby grandson x

  57. Obviously I miss bingo! But the biggest thing I miss is going to gigs with my husband and dad!

  58. I miss going to the cinema and going to a restaurant with my boyfriend

  59. My poor baby only knows lockdown living as he was only 3months when we went on
    Lock down so I can’t wait to show him the world

  60. Missing help with my mum as she needs 24 hour care as she disabled as we both been shielding so I’ve been doing everything I can helping mum running house and more even with a disability myself. Have mist the interaction with other people and going out for meal with mum and more

  61. Samantha torrence

    I really miss bingo and being with my friends this pandemic had taken a huge toll on people’s mental health including my own can’t wait to have freedom again xx

  62. I have missed family get togethers

  63. Got to laugh at some of these comments on here apart from Kaykeighs um there is an app called zoom.I miss playing in bingo clubs.

  64. Cannot wait to visit my parents in wales, as not seen them since last august, missed them so much

  65. I have really missed my family and freinds cNt wait to have a big catch up and have a lovely meal with them all. And be able to take my kids on adventures

  66. I was so excited to be reunited with my sister and had planned to meet with help of mecca on 31st March 2020 but lockdown has meant that we still havent physically met for a big hug we both cant wait and hope we can reunite soon as she has two gorgeous nieces eager to give her a big hug too xx 💖 💗 💓 💕 ❤ ♥ 💖 💗 💓 💕 ❤ ♥ 💖

  67. I miss meeting up with my friends enjoying bingo and a bottle of wine. A win now and again is nice but it’s more about the atmosphere. Could really do with these afternoons we all work for nhs so a chilled afternoon would be great now can’t wait till we can meet you socially again

  68. Miss everything connected with the bingo. Miss my friends, having a drink and a chance of winning can’t wait to back to Bingo

  69. I’ve missed being able to spend time with my mum who was having cancer treatment and miss coming to blooming bingo it was the only escape I got from the kids and other half hahahah

  70. The things I’ve missed this last year,is my friends as I’ve had to shield and also the birth of my granddaughter(saw her first time 1st April.)

  71. Meeting up with bingo friends, spending an enjoyable evening out with my husband and or son. I travel 100 miles round trip to go to my local mecca bingo but that buzz feeling is worth the travel. Looking forward to you opening x

  72. I miss the simple things in life that I took for granted…such as seeing and hugging my grown up children…..and our special mum and daughter days which included shopping, lunch, chattering all day and rounded off by an evening at the bingo!
    I understand this lockdown has meant something different to every individual, but looking at my sons Christmas presents still standing in the living room brings tears to my eyes 😢…you simply do not realise how much you miss hugs.

  73. I’ve missed my family the most during lockdown, seeing my grandchildren and having family times. Going to bingo with my bestie, going to the social club with my sister where there was a live band at weekends enjoying ourselves.

  74. To go out,I head for the bingo hall in afternoons I go in alone not feeling out of place, knowing a warm welcome awaits. To meet and talk to complete strangers who become friends. Roll on May!

  75. I missed the interaction with people. Bingo is my escape. I’m a home carer and I don’t go out anywhere else except shopping so I’m really looking forward to visiting mecca again.

  76. As a carer I’d love for the people who I look after & care for to see there family’s again, to be able to receive a hug from a loved one, to be able to go out & feel the fresh air and walk holding a loved ones hand & to see new family members (babies) that they haven’t had the privilege to see other than maybe FaceTime but again that’s not the same. We all need our family in times like this. For myself I’d would just love a night out with my co-workers as we did before Covid enjoying ourselves playing bingo & getting tipsy.

  77. Going to the bingo whenever I fancy it and being able to go for a swim in hot weather.

  78. I miss our Friday/Saturday nights out with my best friends we love playing at our local mecca with a nice bottle of wine and some good food, and willing our numbers to come out lol
    We know quite a lot of people there too from our local area so it’s nice to say hello and have a bit of a chat with them 🙂
    Love the promotion nights too 🙂

  79. I miss the craic

  80. Taking my mom and nan to play bingo. We also miss the lovely food

  81. I miss coming to bingo love going there so much made friends and all the staff are amazing and friendly can’t wait for bingo to open I be there as soon as it opens

  82. I miss the most is coming to bingo love going there so much I made friends and the staff are so nice lovely kind helpful I can’t wait till bingo can open I be there the day it opens ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤💯🤩

  83. christina pemberton

    I miss the friend staff at mecca may leeds. I miss the food and the atmophere. cannot wait for it to open up again

  84. I miss playing bingo (alongside the free Monday sessions) as well as a pint of Carling Dark Fruits. Can’t buy it in the shops 😭. Really looking forward to returning to Mecca!!!

  85. Mecca bingo and the company

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