Your weekly #GossipAlert round-up: 13 – 19 September

From royal family members and renowned football players to legendary creatures, we’ve got the latest sightings and stories to share with you. So, grab a warm cup of tea and enjoy this tantalising read…

Prince Harry’s good heir day

The new cover of Time magazine has readers and Prince Harry fans in bewilderment. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have landed the coveted front spot after being named one of the top 100 most influential people of this year, but that’s not what people are baffled about (I mean they were on Oprah). It seems Prince Harry’s infamous bald spot seems to be missing, as the duke is pictured with more hair than usual. Could this be the case of photoshop or as he discovered miracle hair growth? We’ll let you be the judge on that.

Coronation Street (SPOILER)

Amid a huge pregnancy twist, actress Ruxandra Porojnicu (who plays Alina Pop) will be leaving Coronation Street, the world’s longest-running telly soap. She announced her surprising exit on Instagram with a photo of her and Alan Halsall, her on-screen beau (aka Tyrone Dobbs), outside the legendary Rovers Return with a caption that started with “And that’s a wrap on Corrie!”. Are you sad to see her go? Or glad it wasn’t Barbara Knox’s Rita Tanner saying goodbye to the cobbles for good?

Ronaldo says no to counting sheep

Cristiano Ronaldo not only recently moved to Manchester United (or should we say returned), he and his family have also moved houses because of sheep…SHEEP. They had not been in their countryside mansion for more than a week before the racket of the nearby sheep sent them packing. We hope their new mansion is more rah rah and less baa baa.

Loch Ness Monster spotted in China

If you’ve been living under a rock (which we’re sure you haven’t) then here’s a quick recap of what the Loch Ness Monster is. It’s a large, long-necked creature, otherwise known as Nessie, that’s said to inhabit the Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. But that was before it was spotted in China as of late.
Weiming Jiang reported her rare glimpse to the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, Gary Campbell, after witnessing Nessie via a webcam in Jiaozhou City which is 5,300 miles away from the Scottish Loch. Jiang said she saw a black dot, then two, very close to the shore, which moved on the water for six minutes. This is the 14th sighting that has been logged with Gary this year. Reckon it’s all bonkers or the truth?

We hope this week’s issue of #GossipAlert has satisfied your craving for staying in the know of all the weird and wonderful. What do you think of the noisy sheep or the duke’s new hairdo? Tell us in the comments below or on our socials. And don’t forget to come back next week for another recap of the latest news!


One thought on “Your weekly #GossipAlert round-up: 13 – 19 September

  1. Janette thomson

    I reckon Harry’s had hair transplant 🤠 I like Alina but glad she’s leaving to leave Tyrone & fizz to get back together ❤️,u would think they wouldn’t be able to hear sheep in big fancy mansion 🐑🐑🐑think loch Ness monster is still in Scotland 🤗Xx

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