Your weekly #GossipAlert round-up: Love Island Week 5

Wow, all we can say is what a week it has been on Love Island! Tuesday night was the start of Casa Amor, and boy did this season give the term “test” a whole new meaning. We’ll admit we asked for drama, but this was surely something else. From scandalous snogs to shocking sleeping arrangements, here’s a look at some of the most jaw-dropping gossip of the fifth week.

Jake the snake

After Jake made things official with Liberty, or should we say “popped the question”, he walked into Casa Amor ready to meddle. He claimed as he was the only one with a girlfriend, the rest of the boys had the green light to get to know the new girls and ‘put themselves first’. The devil works hard, but Jake worked harder at encouraging those boys to cheat. Could the £50K prize money be the reason behind it??

Lads’ holiday

If all lads’ holidays are like the one we’ve seen in Casa Amor, then we suggest cancelling your partner’s plans immediately.

After some of the boys left cute gifts and reminders on the bed for their girls in the Villa, and after their girls returned the favour with some tokens of their own, nearly all was forgotten by sunset on the first night…

While the girls decided to play an innocent but cheeky game of ‘never have I ever’, the boys took it from 0 to 100 with a game of Truth or Dare. Were we surprised that no one chose truth? No. The dares involved all sorts of salvia swaps, including 3-way kisses and more toe sucking, and, besides Jake, the rest of them went all in. This was definitely a preview of what was to come.

Moving mad or moving bad

Ah Hugo, he managed to be successful in the end, but jeez was it hard to watch him at the start. With six new girls to choose from, he still wound up sleeping next to a friend on the first night after losing Amy (his number one, and only, choice) to Tyler.

The aforementioned girl didn’t seem too keen on Hugo (who could forget the deathly silence that followed after he commented on her sexy orange outfit?) but with Tyler moving on with Clarisse, Amy re-evaluated the situation. Could her feelings now be genuine with Hugo or was he a free ticket to the main Villa? We’ll have to wait and see.


With all of us screaming at our tellies, hoping somehow that the girls would find out what their boys were up to, the producers heard us and listened. In blew the return of the postcard, revealing just how naughty the guys had been.

Before we get into it, let’s give a special shout out to Chloe’s high-pitched scream that brought an alertness to everyone in the Villa that no siren could ever achieve.

We were all happy to see the light shine on Liam, Toby, and Tyler’s behaviour, but poor Teddy got served injustice that morning with his incriminating picture being from a game and not a genuine indiscretion. Despite this, Abigail and Millie decided to give their partners the benefit of the doubt, whereas Faye and Kaz wiped away the tears and strutted back into that Villa ready to chat.

Stick or Twist

Before the credits rolled on Thursday night, we got to see some of the much-anticipated recoupling after Casa Amor. To start us off easy, the friendship couple of Chloe and Hugo went first. Chloe chose Dale and Hugo walked in with Amy on his side, to the cheer of his fellow islanders.

Then there was Abigail and Toby… Abigail, contrary to all evidence, decided to stay loyal to Toby. If the sheer awkwardness in Hugo’s facial expressions wasn’t clear enough, in walks Toby with new girl Mary. Were we shocked? A definite no.

This man should be leading the Destiny Chaldish group in the way he hops from one girl to the next. We do feel bad for ol’ Abigail, but did she forget how easy it was to pull him away from Chloe who he was coupled up with for two weeks?

So, with the last of the recoupling going ahead tonight, the questions on everyone’s mind is… will Millie be left standing alone? Will Teddy and Faye reunite? Drop us a comment or let us know on social media what you think is going to happen. And make sure to keep an eye out for next week’s #GossipAlert for another Love Island roundup!


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