Your weekly #GossipAlert round-up: Week 5

Every week, our team at Mecca scour through the media, read the tabloids and find out the latest celebrity gossip to bring you news we’ll know you want to hear (or read for that matter). So, pop on the kettle and get cosy because we have some tea to spill – from the Queen to shocking TV series cancellations and of course the weather. We’re in the UK after all.  

A four-day weekend for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next year 

It’s not every day (or really any day) that a monarch reigns long enough to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee on the throne. Her Majesty is set to be the first sovereign to reign for 70 years. To mark this incredible achievement, she’s giving us all a four-day Bank Holiday from 2nd to 5th June 2022! Not only can you sleep in late and take a break from work, but you can join in on the festivities – there’ll be street parties, a music bash at the Palace, and even a pageant featuring over 5,000 people from the UK and the Commonwealth.  

Holby City will be ending after 23 years on our tellies  

It is with a heavy heart that we confirm the BBC’s ‘difficult decision’ to end Holby City next year March, after over 20 years on screen. Having premiered in 1999 as a spin-off to the OG medical drama Casualty, this TV series became a weekly staple in most of our homes. Who could forget Ric Griffin’s ground-breaking surgery to separate the Tan Twins, when Bonnie was hit by a truck just before marrying Johnny, or Ollie saving Zosia from a grenade explosion (and the romantic kiss that followed that)? We will miss you Holby City!  

Could this Lego set BE any more iconic?  

After the Friends reunion last week, we’ve all felt a bit nostalgic for the much-loved sitcom. If you’ve always dreamed of visiting the set but haven’t yet, now you can with Lego because they’ve come out with a 2,048-piece version of the Friends’ apartment! Build, marvel and recreate your favourite scenes with memorable items like the poking device used to prod the ‘Ugly Naked Guy’, Monica’s Thanksgiving turkey head, and even the cheesecake Chandler and Rachel ate on the hallway floor after dropping (or should we say knocking) it down.   

The hottest day of the year, so far, was recorded this week! 

This past Wednesday, we said goodbye to that dreadful May weather as summer officially arrived with the temperature soaring to 26.6C. If you weren’t out tanning, soaking up the sun on a walk in the park, or snapping golden hour pics at the pub – don’t fear, because there are still sunny days in your future. Temperatures could even reportedly reach 29C later on this month! 

Katherine Ryan is expecting baby number two 

Netflix’s The Duchess actress and famous comedian, Katherine Ryan and her partner/childhood sweetheart Bobby Koostra will be welcoming their second child this summer. He announced the exciting news with an Instagram post captioned “Bringing New Life:)”.  

Remember to come and check in back on the blog next Sunday for another instalment of the #GossipAlert. If you’re haven’t read the previous weeks’ blogs yet, there’s some more juicy titbits waiting for you to devour.  


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