10 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on the Road

Blog - Brand - To do in a car - 23 Apr 15We’ve all been through it. Those loooooong car journeys, when you hear more ‘are we there yets?’ than you see road signs. Here’s our top 10 ideas to keep them (mostly) quiet​:

1. I spy with my little eye – Once you get past ‘a for apple’, ‘g for grass’, or ‘f for field’, you’ll be wanting to say ‘f for…’ something else entirely. ​

2. ​Golden arches – Burgers, toys and three mins of silence. This is a serious winner.​

3. Sing-a-long Disney  – ​’Let it gooooo’, but not of the steering wheel when this goes on for TOO LONG.

4. ​In the dead of night – Driving through the night = them being unconscious…we mean asleep. And you know what that means? Silence. Just don’t join them. ​

5. Picnic it up – ​Encourage them to play hide and seek. Do not go and find them. #winning

6. ​Naps – Do whatever you need to do … even if that means a workout (you’ve always wanted to burn a few calories anyway). Tired is the magic word here, and do this before they get in the car, or send them to bed really late. ​You hear that? Silence. Doesn’t it sound good?

7. ​Tablets – ​No, not the fun kind. Let ’em play games on your tablet, but bring ear phones for them, otherwise you’ll throw the tablet out of the window.

8. ​Lie to them – Don’t tell them the real journey time. And if they can’t tell the time, lie about that too.​ Now we’re not advocating fibbing to the wee ones, but you got to do what you got to do to get through it.

9. Games – ​See above for cartoons. Same rules apply. Bring a charger, they’re going to steal your battery.

10. Bribe them with food – ​Or money. Whatever buys their cooperation … in a good way 😉


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That said, why not share your great ‘keep the kids entertained’ tips … we’d love to read them. But most of all remember this, you can get through it, we believe in you!

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