5 At-Home Hayfever Remedies

1 in 4 of us in the UK are afflicted with hay fever at some point in their lifetime – and if you’re one of them, you’ll know it can make a walk in the park, well…no walk in the park!

If you’ve had enough of snuffling your way through the summer season, keep reading to see our top hay fever remedies tips for easing those pesky symptoms at home.

Women sneezing Hay Fever Remedies

Grab the garlic

Ever heard of an antihistamine superfood? Chances are, you’ve got one in your cupboard! Garlic is an antioxidant-rich prebiotic, and it contains a plant pigment called quercetin, which can provide allergy relief by supporting healthy sinuses. Next time you’re cooking up a summer storm, there’s one key ingredient you won’t want to miss!

Dry your clothes indoors

Laundry Hanging Indoor - Hay Fever Remedies

Change your hair habits

When pollen is skyrocketing in the air, chances are there’s plenty of it clinging onto your hair too! It’s a good idea to tie your hair up during allergy season – and it’s an even better idea to give your hair a good wash before you get into bed at night. This way, you can avoid transferring any onto your pillow case. One of the top-notch hay fever remedies to us!

Hair Habits - Hay Fever Remedies

Pocket the petroleum

Who knew something as simple as a tin of Vaseline could help stop pollen from getting into your system? Keep some on your person to use as a nasal barrier balm as and when you need it. Simply apply a layer around the inside of your nostrils before you head outside, and away you go…

Sip a herbal tea

Herbs can come in handy in many cases of hay fever, so now’s the time to trade in your classic brew for a nettle, chamomile, or liquorice tea. Each of these contain antioxidants and antihistamines which act as inflammatory agents – plus the warmth can help to unblock your nose! If you’re suffering from a dry or scratchy throat, you can always stir in a little honey too.

Woman Drinking Tea

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