7 Things Only Bingo Players Will Understand

Excitement, joy, anticipation… you’d never think those harmless little bingo games could spark off so many emotions. But there’s so much more to a game than meets the Kelly’s Eye, as players will know from bingo halls across the nation. If you love a good bit of bingo then you probably know just what we’re talking about with some of these…

Seeing your lucky number before a game

There it is on the bus that went past. And there it is again on that billboard. Is it a sign? It must be. You cross your fingers and wait in excited anticipation for the game to begin. That prize pot has got your name on it!

Two little ducks
Two little ducks on your way to the bingo hall

Always having just 1 number to go

Every minute is an hour in bingo time and you’ve had 1 to go for the last 3 minutes. With each number that’s called you sense impending doom, while others dab out happily call after call.  And then someone shouts ‘here’ and you could curse that last number into oblivion.

Unlucky number 13
Unlucky number 13: the biggest threat to bingo games?

The excitement when it’s a Roll On game

It doesn’t matter you missed the full house prize by a whisker – there are 8 more still to go! Winners are calling out all over the place and you’re nearly overwhelmed with excitement. Whoever invented this bingo feature is an absolute genius.

The crowd of winners
The crowd of winners

The glee when someone shouts a false full house

At first you feel rage, and then for a few seconds your personality’s replaced with a smug little goblin. The false-caller’s looking a bit flustered, they sheepishly admit to having made a mistake and you try to hide your gleeful smirk as everyone gets back to the numbers.

Yet another big-grin moment

Thinking ‘tonight’s my lucky night’ and still not winning

While you get ready to go and you make the trip to the club, you’re as confident as Del Boy that this time tomorrow you’ll be a millionaire. You make plans in your head for what you’ll do with the cash because tonight’s the night – and then someone else shouts bingo. Oh the injustice!

Hour glass
Just a few more seconds might have done it. Next time…]

Someone’s phone ringing during a game

You were at the top of your game and now this person’s put you off it. Do they not realise how important bingo is? Turning your phone on silent is crucial! It’s a time for serious winning (your winning) and you’ll be damned if you miss a number!

Some believe ringtones can reach over 150 decibels during bingo games

The sheer joy when you finally win

Your time has come at last! The bingo gods have worked in your favour and you’re now the proud owner of the night’s grand prize. You knew those bingo games were worth their weight in gold. All is good in the world.

Lucky Buddha
Your lucky Buddha worked his magic


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  1. Nicholas

    My lucky Buddha hasn’t worked but I keep Rubbing his belly probably I’m Rubbing to hard 😂

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