Arts and Slots

Art is a very subjective thing, in that what people consider beautiful or attractive varies greatly from one individual to another. As such, comparing art is a difficult task, however, without being able to compare arts how are we meant to speak consciously about it?

The subjectivity of art isn’t just about whether the actual piece is good, but whether certain mediums actually constitute as art at all. For example, most people consider painting and drawing art, but what about a light show or interpretive dance? Is that art? One of the truly divisive products when it comes to whether it is considered an artistic medium or not are slot machines.

While many people don’t agree, as an establishment that appreciates the amount of hard work and effort that talented people have put into creating online slots, we consider them a highly artistic form of work. The brilliant graphics, modern animation and unbelievable amount of customisation undoubtedly make this a form of art to us.

The combination of different symbols, animation, a storyline and the mechanics of the game itself make slots a relaxing way to pass the time, whilst being an exciting way to possibly win big money at the same time. In this way, the same as any other art form, they produce a range of emotions from the viewer.

There are some stunningly rendered machines that give you the opportunity to win real money while appreciating the artistic aesthetics. We put together a list of our favourite machines that have the best graphics, animation appeal and high production values. Sit back, relax and enjoy these highly artistic games and when you’re done reading, be sure to check them out.

Cazino Cosmos

Cazino Cosmos is a space-themed machine, which is ruled over by Stella, the game’s fearless matriarch. Players are on board a spaceship that whisks them through the universe on the way to get some of the Universe’s biggest wins. Those that were already fans of Yggdrasil’s Cazino Zeppelin will be delighted to know that the core of Sticky Wilds in Free Spins is still a feature, but that they’ve been taken to the next galaxy with some added collections. On each reel, there are collectible wild symbols, in the form of added wilds, wild nudges, extra free spins, wild conversions, etc. If you’re lucky you could win over 1000x your original bet with this intergalactic adventure.

This machine is loved by those that appreciate sci-fi and steampunk-themed games, with unbelievable design and innovative graphics. The imagery is simply astounding and the sense of exploration and adventure in the gameplay makes it fun and exciting, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Gonzo’s Quest

Online slots offer another level of customisation and animation that simply aren’t possible with land-based machines and Gonzo’s Quest is one of the games that certainly takes advantage of new technologies and the capabilities of playing online. Set in the Mayan jungles, the game simply stuns with colour in a pop art style. The game is played through Gonzo the Conquistador, who is in search of the mythical land where the chief of the Muisca people covered himself in gold and dived into Guatavita during festivals. The lost empire is said to contain endless wealth and that’s what players will be hoping to find on their quest through the Central American jungle. The interesting storyline and stunning graphics make this game a must-play for art lovers.


With a name like ‘Starburst’, you can imagine what kind of graphics this game has. As you’d expect the game has a celestial theme and invites players to travel through space on a mission to win an astronomical amount of money. The graphics are bright and eye-catching, explosively delightful and anyone who wants to play slots online while appreciating truly breathtaking technology at the same time should definitely check out Starburst.

Van Gogh

Even those who are really not versed in the arts know who Vincent Van Gogh is and most people will recognise his most famous paintings such as Starry Night and Sunflowers. However, this machine is an absolute delight for fans of one of the world’s famous painters and the entire game is dedicated to his life and work. There have been some critics of the game who believe that the concept and design work on the game is a bit simple, however, for those who love his lesser-known artwork this game is a wonderful dedication to a truly brilliant artist.

Tiger’s Claw

If you think about colouring when you were a child, the most exciting books and pages were undoubtedly the animal-themed ones. Bright orange tigers, azure peacocks, spotted leopards, magnificent lions, jungles of resplendent greens, oceans of brilliant blue and deserts of glittering yellow; the outdoors always manages to capture the imagination in young and old and Tiger’s Claw is no different. The 3D graphics and unbelievably rendered animals in a fantasy world make this one of the most visually splendid games to play. White tigers, falcons and much more turn this game into one that is enjoyed by artists and animal-lovers alike.


Cleopatra came out of the gates at high speed and has maintained its momentum throughout the time it’s been available. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular of the online games and the Egyptian theme turns it into a true visual masterpiece. The unbelievable aesthetics combined with exciting and dramatic gameplay and the possibility for big wins means that it’s going to continue to enchant art-lovers and other players for a long time to come.

Rock Star

Rock n’ roll is known for its bright, extroverted and out-there nature and when you think of the biggest bands to grace the world’s stages they are usually of the rock variety. The razor-sharp graphics, adrenaline-packed storyline, eargasm-worthy backing tracks and the opportunity to win big bucks more than once, make this into a game that is wildly popular with those who appreciate art and even more so for those who still hanker for the golden age of the world’s best rock music.

The exciting future of online gaming

Every industry in the world is being transformed by new technologies and this is also true for casinos. Initially, there was concern that being able to play slots online would put the usual land-based machines out of business. However, casinos have taken the next step to evolve their businesses into multi-faceted companies that can use technology in their favour to improve the user experience in both their online and land-based games.

New technologies such as AI and VR have transformed the way we play games and while they are still in the early stages of deployment, we see the next few years as being a crucial stepping stone into the effect that they are going to have on the industry as a whole.

The discrepancy between online and land-based gambling is mostly in the form of convenience versus experience, with online gambling being the most convenient, at-home option but that is sorely lacking in the experience and social aspect of land-based establishments.

With new technologies evolving daily, we expect to see this gap diminish more and more as games such as online bingo become a more interactive experience through the use of VR and other live casino software.

Graphics have already improved more than was thought possible just a few short years ago and we are incredibly excited to see how we can harness innovative techniques to create more games that are completely immersive and that will evolve players’ entire experience.

At Mecca Bingo, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways that we can improve the user experience for players. Whether you’re looking for something as simple as an online scratchcard or to play online bingo, we’ve got what you’re looking for. Register with us today and get access to a whole host of beautifully rendered games.


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