Beauty Hacks for the Christmas Season

With Christmas party season in full swing, we’ve pulled together our niftiest beauty hacks to get you gorgeous and glam with minimal effort! Keep this guide handy and get ready for your next night at Mecca in half the time.


Beat eye bags with cucumber

Put cold slices of cucumber over your eyes to reduce puffiness and redness. Cucumber contains Vitamin C and Folic Acid which is great for the skin.

Beauty hacks


Vaseline for baby soft feet

Smother cracked heels and rough feet in Vaseline before bed. Pop on a pair of socks and in the morning you’ll have beautifully soft tootsies!

beauty hack feet


Keep hair grips in place

If your bobby pins are falling out, try using them with the wobbly side against your head. For extra staying power, spritz them with a bit of hair spray before sliding them into position.


Easy fuller braids

This French braid hack is one of our favourites. Once you’ve plaited your hair, secured the end with an elastic. Then, starting at the top, gently pull apart the sections with your thumb and first finger. This technique is called pancaking – as it makes the braid flatter but appear wider.

Beauty hacks hair


Stop mascara clumps

Warming up your mascara before applying can really help to stop it clumping. Pop the bottle under your armpit for a few minutes – or even in your bra – while you do the rest of your face!


Correct mistakes with a bobby pin

If you smudge your makeup and don’t have a cotton bud to hand, fold a square of toilet paper around the end of a hair grip to wipe away mascara or lipstick mistakes.


Use PVA glue to stop nail varnish mistakes

Raid your craft supplies and swipe some washable PVA glue around your nails. Let it dry before you paint your nails then just peel it off to reveal painted perfection!

beauty hack hands


Tame unruly eyebrows with Vaseline

Use a smidge of Vaseline on your eyebrows then comb over them with a clean and dry mascara wand. This will keep them in place and is a top beauty trick to make you look more preened if you’re not confident using a coloured pencil or powder on your brows.

beauty hack eyebrows


Curl your hair in an instant

Curling your hair can take for. ever! That’s why we love this hair curling hack! Put your hair into a high pony tail and split it into 4 – 8 sections, depending on how thick it is. Curl the ends then spray with hairspray. Take the bobble out, shake your head and et voilà – effortless curls!

beauty hack hair


Use blusher on your lips and eyes

If you’re in a rush or have totally forgotten to pack anything in your handbag except blusher, you can still create a fresh look. Apply blusher to your cheeks as normal then use your finger to blend it into your eye crease to create some definition. Put lip-balm on then smudge blusher across your lips with your finger to add colour and shine to your lips.


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