Big Blog Winners

It’s not just that’s all about having fun – our blog is the place to be and is always packed with prizes to be won in exclusive competitions. Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself!

Today, we’ll be celebrating some of our latest competition winners, as well as praising some sterling efforts from our keen competitors.

National Selfie Day

This year for National Selfie Day (yes, it’s a very real thing) we celebrated by asking you lot to strike a pose and send us your snaps with your feathered and furred friends. And oh boy, did you deliver! We were inundated with all manner of purrfect pouting pet pics.

We randomly picked 10 selfies and each winner walked away with a whopping £100 worth of supermarket vouchers! Check out our prize-winning pet pictures:

Bingo Word Search

If you’re anything like us, you’ve always got bingo on your brain, and we crafted the perfect competition to put all your best bingo lingo and dabbing dexterity to the ultimate test – a bingo word search!

We challenged you to find all the bingo-related words within the image posted on our blog. Some were obvious to even the untrained eye; but we’ll confess, some were a little sneaky!

We received tonnes of entries, and picked the top 10 bingo-savvy winners at random. Each of our eagled-eyed winners walked away with a massive £100 voucher for a supermarket of their choice. Nicely done, roomies!

Jade Artt
Christine Waldron
Michelle Wells
Nathan Johnston
Lindsey Shepard
Linda Disley
Megan Gallagher
Leon Cartwright

So a huge congrats to all of our recent winners, and a massive thanks for everyone who took the time to send us their entries.

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