Bring the fun home with FREE play at home bingo!

With another lockdown well underway and all of our fabulous clubs closed, we can imagine that you’re missing the fun of playing bingo in person. Well, fear not! Although we can’t open up our clubs (yet), we can offer you something just as good… FREE online bingo!

How can I enter?

Each week we’ll send you a secret code by email (so please make sure all of your marketing preferences are up to date with us) and this code will give you access to the free bingo room each week. Exciting!


13 thoughts on “Bring the fun home with FREE play at home bingo!

  1. Sarah Devine

    i have been shielding all of last year due to underlying health issues and my operation being cancelled, please try to give as many as possible to chance to take part in the retail room.. I have said mecca has been great in this lockdown, please dont let me down thanks

  2. Maureen Campbell

    I haven’t been out since 1st March 2020 that was also my last time I played bingo at Mecca Hartlepool, I have been enjoying Mecca bingo online since October 9th and was lucky to win £550 & £60 which I banked, thanks so much x

  3. Lrraine Duffy

    Like Sarah I am in a similar situation ,operation cancelled stuck inhouse .and there is a lot in situation ,so playing bingo online is a godsend for myself and others

  4. Carol Eccles

    I have been in shielded isolation for best part of a year now due to my medical conditions.. I love my bingo it keeps me sane!!!

  5. Kerry neilson

    I love bingo and slots even though cant deposit as much as i would like to at times so any promos or bonuses that get me some free play is enjoyed even more i enjoy playing at mecca so any freebies that are actually free and i dont need to deposit first to qualify are welcomed anytime thanks


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