Brits will spend up to £500 on Christmas this year, and favour discount stores for gifts

A survey of over 900 Mecca Bingo players revealed our Christmas shopping habits for 2020 with the average budget being up to £500.

With many of us not able to hit the high street, Amazon has undoubtedly been the go to choice, with 15% of those polled revealing that they’ve made over 50 purchases on the site this year.

For those who’ve managed to get to the shops around lockdown restrictions, it’s been discount and pound shops like B&M, Wilkos and Poundland that have come out streets ahead of premium shops like M&S or John Lewis, with 38% wanting to get their hands on value-priced gifts.

And because so many of us aren’t able to get together our Christmas, Mecca players will be turning to their online community of friends over Christmas, with 40% planning to check in with friends in the chat rooms over the festive period.

But there’s work to think about as well, with 37% having to work some or all of the Christmas break, with many working in the NHS and key worker roles.

Mecca Bingo debuts it’s new TV commercial on Boxing Day ahead of it’s 60th birthday in 2020.


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