Celebrate the fathers in your life

Whether he’s a handyman around the house or does a good job at just being him – the person you call dad will always carry a special place in your heart.
Other than getting them socks this Father’s Day, we thought it best to share a couple of fab gift ideas he’ll actually enjoy.

Spoil him with a gift

Give your dad something he can treasure forever.

For the golfer:

Get him to putter up with a personalised golf set that includes golf balls and tees. Either add his initials, or your name (to remind him who his favourite is!). Or get him a fancy golf ball drinking glass to sip from as he cools off after a round or two on the green.

For the dad that slays the BBQ:

A personalised stainless steel BBQ tool rack is a winner for any dad who enjoys the sizzle of the BBQ. It could read anything from “BBQ king” to “dad’s grill” – let your imagination run wild! Another great gift idea is a bottle opener. But not just any bottle opener. While he’s tending to the grub, a wall mounted bottle opener is just what he’ll need to master his multitasking skills: flipping the patty while cracking open the bottle. Swift and easy!

Treat him to a memorable experience

Nothing beats an unforgettable memory you can share with your old man.

For the adventurous dad:

Your pops will love soaring the skies with an introductory flying lesson or a hot air balloon flight. Unless he’s more like a fish in water? If so, then get him to jump in the water for a thrilling time at Aqua Park.

For the foodie dad:

If he enjoys some yum in his tum, then these treats are exactly what he needs! Sign him up for a beer master class with tastings, followed by a delicious gourmet burger. He’ll also love a six-course dinner and a tour aboard the Bustronome! Or tickle his fancy with a street food extravaganza at Ann’s Smart School of Cookery.

For the petrolhead dad:

If his heart goes va va vroom, then an immersive history of British motor racing is exactly what he’ll enjoy at The Silverstone Interactive Museum. Or let him go for a spin in the Shelby Mustang GT500. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of an American muscle car!

It doesn’t matter how you decide to spoil your dad, what matters is that he knows how much you adore him! Go on and show dad some love this Father’s Day.

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