*Drops Mic* *Beards*: Emojis We Wish Existed 2017


Emojis are officially taking over phones and online chatrooms – we’ve even dedicated a whole game to them! We can summarise whole sentences with the tap of a button and even tell our friends what we really mean, without actually having to say anything 😉

But, have you ever found yourself wanting to use an emoji that doesn’t actually exist? We certainly have. A tiny dancing Usain Bolt, anyone?

We’ve added to the emoji catalogue by coming up with a few of our own…*fist pump*

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Pugs are the hot-to-trot dogs of 2016, so what better way to celebrate their magnificent little faces than with a cartoon likeness?




Sunday lunch

Come on, we’re Brits, after all! Wouldn’t it be just great to have a gigantic Yorkshire pudding to send to your friends on a Sunday? (YP) anyone?




Bingo balls

Now, you didn’t think we’d finish this roundup without including some bingo balls, did you? Send these to your gang when you fancy a game.




Dabbing Pose

It’s the dance of 2016. What better way to celebrate winning the jackpot than sending your friends an emoji of one of Justin Bieber’s favourite poses? #winning




THE Dabber

It’s a bingo essential. You can incorporate the dance. This emoji looks like it’s one number away from the house jackpot.



Throwing up face

Let’s face it, we’ve all had those moments where a doctor’s mask emoji just won’t cut it. Make your feelings known with an emoji being sick.




Mic drop

It’s the end of a heated debate and you want to sign off in style. The simple mic drop should be enough to wrap up your explosive defence in spectacular fashion.




Cup of tea

Sorry, but the generic hot drink emoji is quite clearly a mug of coffee, and as a nation of tea drinkers, it offends us. We want to see a good ol’ mug and milk available too.




Big eyelashes

Lipstick, check; painted nails, check; eyelashes? Come on, let’s round off the collection.




Finger on lips

The ‘zipped lips’ emoji is great for telling someone that their secret is safe with you, but what about when your information is strictly confidential? Or, you might just know someone who needs to simmer down a little!




Fist pump

We’ve mentioned it once and we’ll mention it again – where’s the fist pump when you need it? From catching a bus by the skin of your teeth to winning a jackpot, sometimes, nothing else will cut it.



Food face

You’ve stuffed your face and want to show the world how satisfyingly full you are: enter the food face emoji. Whether you want to make your friends green with envy or just like the idea of celebrating your gluttony, this is the emoji for you.





We want beards. Great, big, beautifully sculpted emoji beards. Whether you’d love to point out the hipster in your friendship group or just want to share a pair of colourful, bushy mutton chops, the opportunity should be there!


Beard Emoji



We currently have mini monsters and purple devils in our emoji library, but what about the simple, yet effective, witch? We all deserve to be able to cackle this Halloween!




Which emoji’s would you like to see added to your arsenal? Is there an emoji that you use more than others? Leave a comment and let us know!



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