Funniest mum moments

We can all agree that having children is an undeniable blessing, seeing them blossom and flourish through life gives a warm, fuzzy feeling like no other. That being said, as I’m sure many mum’s of the Mecca community will agree, it’s not ALL sunshine and roses! Those times where a fleeting thought, wondering whether you were better off buying another house plant instead, might at the time be a gloomy experience. But for those of us at a stage that we can look back, we promise you too will look back and laugh!

That being said, with Mother’s Day around the corner, we decided to do a round robin of the mum’s at Mecca, to share experiences of their funniest moments as a mum, and we hope that you’ll read these and laugh as much as we did gathering them!

“I had an apple in one hand and my baby monitor in the other. I put the apple up to my ear when I thought I heard a noise and stupidly bit the baby monitor.”

“I recently went to plug my empty dinner plate into my laptop charger. Hey, I’m up all night nursing and spend all day working at a laptop, so…”

“I kept checking the monitor, even when I was holding my baby. This is the mom equivalent to look for sunglasses that are currently on one’s head.”

“When my twins were about 8-weeks-old and would only sleep in their rocker swings, my husband and I slept on the living room sofa together for a solid month so we were close to them for night feedings and such. That was until my co-worker clued me into the fact that I could just unplug the swings, bring them our bedroom, and sleep in our bed at night. The thought never even crossed my mind. I figured I would sleep in the sofa forever. My mind was actually blown.”

“One day I was running late for my son’s doctors appointment. I had him in my arms while I was running around the house grabbing things last minute and trying to get him in his car seat. After he was in his car seat I was frantically looking for my phone so I could leave… and made the decision to just leave without it. It wasn’t until I was in the car, hung up, and put my phone in the centre console that I realised I was using it. I was on the phone with my husband the whole time.”

These were the top picks, trust us when we say that there were lots! Do you have similar moments that you now look back on and laugh? We would love to hear them, head over to our socials and join the conversation!


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