Your weekly #GossipAlert round-up: Week 3

Another week, another round of gossip, celebrity news and exciting updates to keep you entertained on this rainy Sunday! There’s no better way to wind down ready for Monday than by reading about the lives of the famous, reliving funny TV goofs that had the nation laughing or just catching up on exciting things that are in the media right now. Go on – put your feet up and have a scroll, you deserve it.

Aldi are at it again with their “inspired” products

Aldi are well-known for taking, ahem, inspiration from popular products and selling them for much cheaper. Remember Colin the Caterpillar-gate? This time they’ve started selling McDonalds inspired products, including chicken nuggets, hash browns and a Big Stack burger (note the rhyme?) which all have very similar packaging as the fast food chain. These new products work out to be almost half the price of the originals – and even come with Sweet Chilli and BBQ dips!

Love Island 2021 will be returning very soon

We’re hoping that it’s a sign of even more normality returning after months of Lockdown with Love Island making a comeback this summer. The show will be aired on ITV in early June – but there are rumours it could be taking place in the UK because of travel restrictions. Will you be watching?

Holly Willoughby makes a hilarious gardening mistake

Plenty of laughter ensued on This Morning last week as Holly Willoughby revealed that every time she pulled up her sweetcorn in her vegetable patch, there was nothing on the end of the stalks. It was only as Phillip Schofield reminded her that sweetcorn grows on the top of trees and not underground that she realised she’d been pulling the stalks from the ground… No wonder they weren’t growing! Have you had any similar gardening blunders?

Jesy Nelson signs solo record deal after leaving Little Mix

It has only been five months since Jesy Nelson left girl band Little Mix due to mental health reasons, but the popstar has just signed a solo record deal, with new music planned for the summer. Exciting!

There’s going to be a biopic about Cher’s life

Cher has recently revealed on Instagram that there’s going to be a movie about her life. We’re amazed this hasn’t happened yet to be honest! The legendary singer has just turned 75 and the film will be produced by the same people that produced Mamma Mia! The Movie. We can’t wait!

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  1. Janette thomson

    That’s so funny about Holly 😂 already seen story about Cher 👍so be good to see a follow up 😃Xx

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