Happy National Dog Day!

It’s fair to say that we here at Mecca Bingo are big dog lovers. And we know you are too! So on this special day, we wanted to celebrate some pups that have gone above and beyond to prove why they truly are Man’s Best Friend.

Here are some top dogs who we think are absolute heroes:

1. Balto


In 1925, the remote town of Nome, Alaska was hit by a diphtheria epidemic amongst their children. With the special serum needed to cure them over 500 miles away in Anchorage, and a dog sled team was the only form of transport available. Step up, Balto. The courageous husky led a team of dogs on this important mission, bringing the serum back to Nome and saving the sick children. He has been honoured with a statue in New York’s Central Park – as he should be.

2. Gobi

gobi dog

When Dion Leonard set out to complete the Gobi Desert Run ultra marathon in China, he hoped to come home with a medal. But he found something much better. A small street dog decided to join him, completing 77 miles of the 155-mile race right by his side. An unbreakable bond formed, and after some trials and tribulations – including a scary couple of weeks when she went missing! – Gobi came home to live with Dion in the UK. She’s received many honours including Dog of the Year and the Shining World Marathon Award “in recognition of exemplary unconditional love, loyalty and caring friendship”.

3. Roselle


When Michael Hingson went to work with his guide dog, Roselle, on September 11th 2001, he had no idea what was about to happen. After World Trade Center Tower One was hit, Roselle guided Michael – who is blind – and 30 other people down the stairs from the 78th floor. In amongst the chaos of the noise and falling debris, she remained completely calm, even greeting fireman who were heading up the stairway. For such bravery and dedication, Roselle was awarded the Dickin Medal and in 2011 was named American Dog of the Year.

4. Digby


Working as a ‘defuse dog’ for Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue service, Digby the labradoodle helps firefighters who’ve been exposed to trauma on the job. He provides a calming presence in therapy sessions and comforts crews returning from challenging incidents. But he’s also helped to save a life. When a young woman was standing on the edge of a bridge, the fire crew enlisted Digby’s help. On seeing Digby, she smiled and the team was able to bring her back to safety to meet him. Good work, Digby!

5. Wolfy


After floods in Pilbara, Western Australia hit the home of 3-year-old Matilda, she was nowhere to be found. She had become trapped by fast-rising water on the other side of a creek. Missing for 24 hours, in extremely hot weather, her family was frantic. But when the rescue team finally found her, they discovered she wasn’t alone. Wolfy, her devoted Jack Russell Terrier, has stayed by her side the entire time, keeping her safe. Thank goodness he was there to protect her!

What a lot of Good Boys and Girls! We hope you enjoyed learning about these pawesome pooch pals.

Got a photo of your dog (heroic or otherwise)? Come and share the cuteness with us, we’d love to see them!


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