1. Thanks for chance to do survey

  2. Iam so glad my daughter showed me how to play Mecca online 😊 at least I can still play bingo 👍 my regular club has closed for good which iam heartbroken about 😟 met so many new friends plus all the lovely staff gonna miss them all ,feel sorry for staff as theve all lost there jobs 😒anyway starting to meet new online Freund’s 🥳Xx

  3. Thanks to Mecca online bingo it has brought some cheer to 2020 thanks to all Mecca team

  4. Thank to mecca ive kept busy as my mental health was breaking down again and I needed to keep busy

  5. Thank you Mecca, you’ve been my retreat when my husband was very poorly with Covid-19

  6. Enjoyed playing bingo

  7. I’ve played more bingo online with Mecca during the lock waiting for a big win to brighten my families lives in this lockdownxxx

  8. On your slote games online fizzer up need be sorted out because didn’t receive my bonus on your slot games I play on mega where…

    1. Hi Neil, can you contact the customer service team and they will look into this for you

  9. Kept ma sane during lockdown

  10. Got t get better lost home 17 years dunno big C month for lockdown 3 little boys keep chin up n on my toes just think getting sorted kids no school treatment getting done find a lump n bk round again so civic 19 2020 stick it bring it on 2021 lol well if planets didn’t get us I’ll still n happy playing some bingo lol

    1. Keep smiling Karen, it WILL get better soon

  11. Just getting over cvid myself .
    Will be glad to get 2020 out of the way and hope 2021 going to be a better year for all of us ..
    Thanks Mecca for keeping us entertained during these difficult times .
    The rewards team have been amazing like always !
    Thanks Mecca

  12. I really enjoyed taking part in this survey,i hope my answers help you in your research.

  13. stay strong, you’re all doing great. Things will get better

  14. Given me something to do

  15. I Enjoyed taking part in Mecca Ur survey 🤞 I lucky 🍀 & win a bonus it would make my day & mega cheer me up 😁 I allways enjoy playing on ur site & chatting with ur lovely cm thanks 😊 Mecca

  16. Take part in survey lots nd never seem to get bonus for taking part lots of people have taken survey and been rewared for doing so

  17. Couldn’t afford to play main bingo, but look forward to everyday to playing the free games between 6pm and7pm.

  18. Your on-line bingo has eased some of the boredom and has been great fun! But not as fun as the actual real thing! :0)

  19. Love the bingo and slots, better still the freebies

  20. Thanks mecca. Because of my recent win i was able to stockpile even more stuff

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