Horoscopes with Sally Morgan: 24th – 30th May

It’s Monday morning and therefore it’s time for us all to see what the week has in store for us!

Aries… A late spring clean gets you looking for more space to hide away clutter, maybe a visit to your local charity shop will take off this problem for good. The cupboard under the stairs and the loft are full to the brim, you can also look at this as a life changing task. Your lucky number is 5.

Taurus… You are such a generous and helpful person that a neighbour decides to show you their appreciation and takes you totally by surprise. You decide to pop that pretty broach that you never wear onto a jacket and get lots of compliments. Your lucky number is 21. 

Gemini… You make plans for a wonderful party in the garden. Say yes to a friend who offers to loan you an awning, remember the British weather! A good time will be had by all. Your lucky number is 16. 

Cancer… Your love of animals helps you to overcome a disappointment at work, animals give us unconditional love, and this is exactly what you need this week. Your lucky number is 70.

Leo… Food is the power of love and so you should put your culinary skills to the test this week. If you do, you’ll receive compliments and love from those closest to you – everyone loves a pudding. Your lucky number is 45. 

Virgo… This week an email from abroad brings you news that makes you feel so happy and gets your thoughts on to an idea to buy something special and send it off in the post. Your lucky number is 24. 

Libra… This week is all about making decisions to change certain areas of your life. You have wonderful clarity at the moment so listen to your gut feeling and follow the path that you know is right. Your lucky number is 2. 

Scorpio… An idea that you have had for many months, you are now able to implement. This is very exciting as it is a new venture. Your lucky number is 99. 

Sagittarius… This week you feel that changes are afoot at home. Those close to you will feel you are very silent and inward, but you are just aware that things need to change for the good, as the only way forward is to leave behind the old. Your lucky number is 30. 

Capricorn… You are able to show just how strong you are, and this will encourage those around you to be strong too. Your motto has always been lead by example and this is what you are doing. Your lucky number is 18. 

Aquarius… The night sky has always fascinated you and stars shine so brightly overhead at the moment in so many ways for you, you are reminded how much you are loved by someone close to you. Your lucky number is 10. 

Pisces… You may find this week brings some problems with communication – literally your mobile will have interference or even go missing, which makes you feel isolated and cut off. Maybe start thinking about a backup on your pc as a safety net. Your lucky number is 62.


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