It’s International Women’s Day

Every year on the 8th March, the day is dedicated to celebrating Women everywhere. Here at Mecca Bingo we wanted to celebrate the influential and inspiring women that we work with every day and who work hard to keep our Community, that we all love so much, enjoyable and entertaining for you all!

We asked for nominations for International Women’s Day and these are just some of the incredible women of Mecca that were chosen, and why.

Natalie, Area Manager

“She is a natural born leader who is very driven and works so hard. She is relentless in achieving her goals which she displays to her team. She is kind, considerate, thoughtful, and crazy. There is nothing that she won’t put her hand to and is well respected by all her team and will work alongside them. She is just amazing as she is also a working mom, how she juggles her career and her work life is just so inspiring for a lot of us women out there.”

Aarti, HR Director

“I would like to nominate Aarti as she manages home schooling, whilst onboarding as part of the team and working hard to improve our HR/people output and fantastically supporting us manage change during this tough time.”

Melanie, Senior Digital Experience Manager

“Mel is my direct line manager, when I lost my job I started at Rank a couple of weeks later. This was obviously when we were going into Lockdown here in Gibraltar and also Spain, during the last 9 months or so of my time here Mel has had to not only deal with the team, the changes but also a lot of things at home also.

She is a mum of 3, she moved house during lockdown she not only had the 3 children to deal with at home she also had us within the team who at sometimes acted like children as you can imagine! She also took on an extra role, after another member of the Team left, and so has an incredibly busy and tough time.”

Luisa Wright, Company Secretary

“From the joys of home schooling, juggling the construction of paper mache volcanoes whilst still on exec and committee calls! Luisa is always on top of things and focused, keeping us all motivated”

Serina, Senior Communications Executive

“Serina juggles a huge workload, but nothing is ever too much trouble and is always happy to help and bend over backwards where she can to support people. Serina remains upbeat, even when working from home can be very solitary during the lockdowns.

She has nothing but passion when taking on her role as TOR Charity Champion, supporting Carers Trust, she is an absolute pleasure to work with, I know for sure I would be lost without her support, she so deserves the recognition she truly deserves.”

Jemma, Senior Social Media Manager

“Jemma is an incredible, influential mentor and team leader – always so supportive and always makes the time to listen and encourage me. Not only is she an incredible woman to work with, she is an AMAZING mum and a true friend to me. She shows me everyday that women really can HAVE IT ALL!”

Lana, Venues Support and Development

“Lana is someone who you can pick up the phone to anytime and she’ll give you her advice in a warm, friendly way. She’s always got the time to give you, even when she’s really busy. She’s also a great role model as a working parent. As well as being the kind of person you’d have endless things to talk about with over dinner!”

Catherine, Head of PR and Content

“Not only has Catherine been a massive support to me personally, she also has a way of bringing out the best in everyone around her.

She promotes positive energy and creativity and juggles an incredibly busy work schedule with also home schooling and arranging various activities for her son and her colleagues. She is a great positive influence to all of us here at Mecca!”

These are just a few of the fantastic women we have working together here at Mecca. Lets spend today, and everyday celebrating the fantastic people in our lives and encourage each other to meet our full potentials!

We would love to hear about the important women in your lives, so please do share your comments below!

Happy International Women’s Day!


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