It’s Safer Gambling Week! Join us for the conversation between 19th – 25th November.

Let’s talk about Safer Gambling.  

It’s something that’s really important to us, as it’s a way to make sure the time you spend with us is always enjoyable – which is our main priority! 

So, in light of Safer Gambling Week, we want to get the conversation flowing about how we can work together to make sure your time spent playing with us is always as fun as possible.  

Our responsibility to share information about how to play safely and have the tools in place to keep it fun doesn’t stop after this week – we’ll always be here to make sure your time on and in our clubs is as enjoyable as possible. 

What is Safer Gambling Week? 

Safer Gambling Week is an initiative designed to promote safer gambling across the United Kingdom and Ireland. It aims to open up conversations and drive awareness of how you can gamble safely, the tools we have in place to help you set yourself limits and where you can find any advice and support you might need. Every part of the gambling industry is taking part, from amusement arcades, bookmakers, casinos and (you guessed it) bingo clubs, to help keep you safe and connected as you play both online and in our clubs.  

How is Mecca committed to Safer Gambling? 

We’re so glad you asked! We take safer gambling very seriously at Mecca Bingo and we’ve got loads of options in place for you to keep it fun with us, whether you play online or in our clubs.  

Playing Online 

If you’re an online player, then you might know that we’ve got a helpful range of tools for you to set limits on your gameplay.  

The easiest way to make sure you’re only spending what you can comfortably afford is to set a Deposit Limit. You can set daily, weekly or monthly limits to manage your spending and make sure you never go over the amount that’s keeping your play fun.  

We also have Reality Checks, a handy tool that automatically lets you know when you’ve been playing for an hour, although you can change your settings so that you get a reminder after 30 minutes. We know that time really does fly when you’re having fun, so it just makes sure you’re not missing anything important.  

Finally, there’s the option to Take a Break from us. We promise we won’t be offended if you choose this option, but it’s a great way to take a holiday from playing with us, from 24 hours to 6 weeks. It’s only temporary and everything will be exactly as you left it when you come back.  

To set up any of these tools, you can go to your account preferences, click the ‘Responsible Gaming’ tab to get more info and make any changes you need. 

Playing In Club 

We hope that heading to a Mecca Bingo club is a way to have some fun and socialise. However, sometimes it can be easy to spend more than you can comfortably afford or play for longer than you had planned. You might not even consider bingo as gambling – but for us it’s still crucial to make sure your enjoyment is the most important thing when you play with us. 

In our clubs, we strive to provide a safe environment for everyone who visits us by training our teams to assist customers that need it, giving help on how to Self-Exclude yourself if you want to stop playing for a long period of time and by providing information to help you understand what problem gambling is. 

How can I learn more? 

If you want to know more about how we champion safer gambling, then head over to Keep it Fun, our dedicated website which is packed full of resources and info to help you. You can also head to for more information about the initiative and campaign – and if you need any help and support then you can call a trained advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 0808 8020 133. It’s completely free and confidential, but if you prefer not to speak to someone on the phone, then you can also speak to an advisor via Live Chat at


13 thoughts on “It’s Safer Gambling Week! Join us for the conversation between 19th – 25th November.

  1. Amanda Walters

    Can you explain why a lifetime limit have been put on my account without my knowledge please.

    I am a full time key worker who is a responsible player and will only play if I can afford it. I just recently put a weekly limit on my account so that I am aware that I will only play to that amount.

    Can you please reset my account so that I can at least play some of the bingo game that is available at the low prices which I normally play. I was also expecting a call from your team as advised by Kevin from the customer experience team in order to get my account sorted so that I can play the games but I am still waiting for that call.

    Can this matter be resolved please as it’s been going on for a while now.

    Your assistance with this matter is very much appreciated.

  2. Lucy samuels

    Good evening my name is Lucy Samuels and you guys are locked my limit I want to know if you can be taken off I can’t play play this is ridiculous can someone give me a call 07511 234 875

  3. gayle mcginley

    safer gambling week, how about same constant names as winners its a joke, i know names off by heart. bingo sites are the problem, not the players, you have specific players playing for you, its so obvious


    HI i’m not happy that you have put a block on me playing the slots after a couple of hours. I can decide for my self when iv’e had enough thank you its my money and if i lose i lose really not happy

  5. Frank Pickles

    I have not been able to play on Mecca bingo for months as they felt I was spending too much I never put on more than 6 or 7 pounds at a time and I am sure there are people spending much more than me. I am a grown up but do feel that I am being treat unfairly by this site.

  6. Angela Rawlins

    How do I continue playing with Mecca , as it’s saying I have reached my deposit limit and I have not played in a while,

  7. Jon Shawcross

    Hi Angela,
    Can you contact our customer support team or live chat via the main site and they will look into it for you

  8. Jon Shawcross

    Hi Frances, our first priority is to look after our customers. Please contact our customer support team and they will look into this for you

  9. Jon Shawcross

    Hi Frank, our first priority is to look after our customers. Please contact our customer support team and they will look into this for you

  10. Jon Shawcross

    Hi Lucy, our first priority is to look after our customers. Please contact our customer support team and they will look into this for you

  11. Jon Shawcross

    Hi Amanda, our first priority is to look after our customers. Please contact our customer support team and they will look into this for you

  12. Jon Shawcross

    Hi Gayle,
    Thanks for your comment. I can assure you that our winners are not in any way given preferential treatment. We have a long and very stringent set of rules we have to comply with in order to operate in this industry based on transparency and fairness and we take these very seriously. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our customer support team who will be happy to explain our processes and how winners become winners.

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