Let’s become Mecca Friends

The word ‘friend’ is used a LOT these days.  You have Facebook friends, Twitter friends, work-friends, school-gate friends and the list goes on. But how many of these people are actually your friends?

Did you know the average woman has about 300 Facebook friends? Most people, in actual fact, can count on one hand the number of people they rely on and would turn to in an emergency, or share their deepest, darkest secrets with.

Apparently one in three people admit to not even liking most of their Facebook friends enough to spend time with them, but, to stay in the loop and keep up on the latest gossip, wouldn’t delete them. You’ll be able to relate to this if you use Facebook mainly for perusing or snooping at ‘friends’ holiday photos or for liking their cute pug pictures.

Here at Mecca, we believe in friendships that last a lifetime  and would like to think that each and every one of our ‘roomies’ has made lasting friendships that have blossomed because of a shared interest in the fun side of life.

Whether you play Mecca bingo online, or in one of our busy clubs, you’ll find a warm welcome and the chance to share some gossip and giggles with loads of other like-minded people.

To celebrate this, we’ve created an amazing competition where you and your Mecca bestie can win a fabulous day out, and VIP night in a club.  Entry is very simple – all you need to do is tell us your Mecca friendship story: Where you met, why your friend is so special, and how Mecca has helped bring the two of you closer together.

Great friends can lift your spirits when you’re down and be part of your happiness when things are going well. You know who your best friends are as you don’t have to put up a front and are always yourself in their company. They know your faults as well as you do, but still want to be your mate anyway.

When it comes to love, trust and loyalty do you know what sort of friend you really are? Have a go at our quick quiz to find out.  You might be surprised at the results.


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