Let’s talk Christmas Dinner

Christmas is fast approaching and we’re getting all the festive feels – which means its time to get planning to make sure this year is the best one yet!
And although Christmas is about spending time with family and friends, decorating the house and exchanging pressies, let’s be honest, its mostly about the food. So, if you’re starting to think about what’s going to be on your plate this year, let us run you through some options! While you’re at it, forget the Christmas jingles this year. Our very own superstar BingooBenj has got you covered!

Room for roasties?

I think we can all agree about one thing, a roast is not complete without roast potatoes and the Christmas roast is no different. We’re a nation that loves spuds in all their forms, but a lovely crispy roasty is the one we want for Christmas.

The turkey debate

The Christmas turkey can be a very divisive subject. Many of us think it’s absolutely essential to a Christmas dinner as it’s arguably the most traditional option. But a lot of people are put off by the cost, the cooking time and its tendency to be quite dry. If you’re only cooking for a small number of people, a chicken can be a great alternative. There’s also the nonpoultry options such as roast beef, pork or ham.

A good stuffing

If you’re having turkey then you might as well get a bit of stuffing to go with it, because who doesn’t love stuffing? It’s easy to make (especially is you use the packet mix) and it’s delicious so you really can’t go wrong.

Pigs in blankets

For many people pigs in blankets are the absolute holy grail of a Christmas dinner. There’s just something about little sausages wrapped up in bacon that we can’t resist! And now you can buy vegan pigs in blankets from most supermarkets, so even those who don’t eat pork can indulge in these tasty treats. They are great as part of the Christmas dinner, but you can also pop a cocktail sick in them and serve as a canape.

It’s a parsnip party

Parsnips might not be for everyone but they sure are traditional! Roast them with honey and it’s hard to go wrong. You could also try a parsnip and sage soup if you’re stuck for starter ideas.

To Yorkshire or not to Yorkshire?

Much like the turkey debate, the question of whether Yorkshire puddings belong on a Christmas dinner plate can really divide people. Some say you can only serve Yorkshires with beef, others reckon if gravy is involved you need a Yorkshire pudding to soak it up. We say, do what makes you happy!

Sprouts for days

Love them or hate them, it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without them. Those pesky green balls may end up pushed to the side of a lot of plates, so if you’re planning to convert any Brussel sprout haters this Christmas then try frying them in butter with pancetta and chestnuts – works a treat!

Crying out for cranberry sauce

If you’re having turkey, then you’ll be needing cranberry sauce. It’s great from a jar and you can grab it from any supermarket, but if you’re looking to impress it’s also really easy to make and will keep well so you can save time by making it in advance.

Can you cabbage?

Braised red cabbage is one of the less popular Christmas sides but it’s cost effective and adds a lovely splash of colour to the plate.

Saucy bread

Bread sauce is another one that goes hand in hand with turkey. For some people the idea of making a sauce from bread and milk is a bit strange, but it’s a great way to use up stale bread. Try chucking in some grated nutmeg to really bring it to life.

Feeling cheesy?

Now cauliflower cheese might not be the most traditional choice for a Christmas dinner, but Christmas is a time to indulge and what’s more indulgent than a cheese sauce? If you don’t think you’ll use a whole cauliflower, try swapping it out for leeks instead.

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