Love Island Winter 2023 – “You can sleep in the doghouse”

Casa Amor is now done and dusted and this year it was absolute carnage. We haven’t seen that many heads turn since someone shouted “bingo!”. Let’s dive into it, shall we? There’s a lot to unpack and a lot of naughty lipsing to cover.

Bombshells of the Week

Thanks to Casa Amor, our islanders were introduced to 10 new gorgeous people – five new girls and five new boys. Here’s a reminder of who was there, since not many of them got lucky enough to join the main Villa!

The Girls:

  • Layla Al-Momani (28), brand manager from Kingston, Southwest London 
  • Sammy James (27), beauty buyer currently in Dubai, originally from Leicester 
  • Cynthia Otseh-Taiwo (25), dental receptionist and baker from North London 
  • Sanam Harrinanan (24), social worker from Bedford 
  • Lydia Karakyriakou (22), retail customer assistant from Glasgow 

The Boys:

  • Kain Reed (21), energy consultant from Gateshead 
  • Ryan Weekley (22), steel erector from Nottingham 
  • Frankie Davey (22), professional boxer from Ipswich 
  • Maxwell Samuda (23), finance student from London 
  • Bayley Mummery (25), operations manager from Surrey 

Couples going steady

Surprisingly only Ron and Lana are still standing after the ultimate test, coming out unscathed with no cheating scandal. Four other couples unfortunately had quite the change in situationship – going from strength to almost falling apart.

In classic Love Island fashion, truth bombs were dropped when Lydia, Layla and Cynthia met up with the girls whose men they were cracking on with in the Villa while the girls were in Casa Amor.

Claudia found out that Casey had kissed Sanam and Cynthia, with the latter straddling him on the infamous terrace. After a heartfelt apology from his end, they kissed, made up, and put the past behind them.

Sammie discovered that Tom was kissing and cuddling Lydia, even using the same lines he had once told her (shady). But after he realised that he messed up and knew he was proper punching with Sammie, he decided to stick with her and try and make things right again. With none other than a cheesy poem. It seemed to have done the trick though!

In one of this season’s most shocking moments, Will snogged Layla on the first night of Jessie being away, which he eventually deeply regretted. At the recoupling, she was so happy he was standing alone waiting for her, until she found out about the kiss. Will was in tears, Jessie was sobbing, and our hearts were breaking at home! Will knew he had to do something BIG to win Jessie back, and in Sunday’s episode he planned something proper romantic – getting the other islanders to recite the 13 reasons why he loved her. This grand gesture seems to have gotten him out of the doghouse, but he’s still got a lot more grafting to do!

Couples on the rocks

Who would have thought that our day-one couple, Tanya and Shaq would come out so badly after Case Amor. But to be fair it was only one of them who properly messed it up. Shaq slept outside and stayed loyal (they’ve said “I love you” after all), while Tanya cracked on with Martin in Casa Amor and brought him back to the Villa…to Shaq who was stood there on his own. It seems these two will have a lot to work through if there’s going to be any future relationship.


Besides Casa Amor being a whole challenge and test on its own, the two groups did end up competing in the infamous ‘who was the fastest’ game. There was the three-kiss favourite, the youngest and blonde and ‘insert another cringe category here’ snogging of who they fancy most, and loads more. In the end, the Villa came out on top and won themselves a party for the night.


In the biggest recoupling of the season, many tears were shed, many snarky lines were made, and a lot of tea was spilt.

Here are the results:

  • Tanya and Martin 
  • Sanam and Kai 
  • Olivia and Maxwell 
  • Sammie and Tom 
  • Lana and Ron 
  • Jessie and Will 
  • Claudia and Casey 
  • Shaq is the only one single 

Best Bits

  • Olivia shocked and upset that Kai has recoupled even though she had too… 
  • Kai not here for Olivia’s hypocrisy – “I’ll be walking out that door before I apologise to her”  
  • Layla causing chaos during the recoupling and airing out all the dirty laundry (Will knew he had to tell Jessie what he did before she could!) 
  • Tanya calling Martin a speed bump. Ouch!  

What we think will happen next

It seems like some of the couples who faced a proper test in Casa Amor will be patching things up and moving forward. But we have no clue what Tanya is going to decide to do with Martin and Shaq. We’re also not sure that Olivia and Kai’s heads won’t turn for what feels like the 100th time this season, as we’ve still got a few weeks to go.

Who do you think Tanya will choose? Drop us a comment below. For more Mecca fun, play our Winner Spinner here for FREE and have the chance to win up to £500 cash! 


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