Mecca Dream Come True – Last years winners

You may have noticed the return of a certain fabulous something…Mecca Dream Come True! We decided to catch up with some of last year’s lucky winners and discover how they felt about their amazing prizes.

How did you feel when you heard you had won?

Lucie from Leicester

When I got the call to say I’d won I thought it was a hoax call so didn’t believe it initially, I sat with my son in the living room and watched the replay on Mecca’s Facebook page and I was shocked , there was a lot of jumping around and happy screaming.

Donna from Essex

When I read your email telling me I had won a prize, I felt shaky and wondered if a mistake had been made as people like me don’t win these types of prizes. However, once I had spoken to you it really sank in that I had won and I felt apprehensive and excited at the same time with hundreds of thoughts going through my head. I missed the draw being made asI was on holiday and only picked up your e mail when I came home, contacting you as soon as possible.

Has winning inspired to you take more action?

Lucie from Leicester

I have now re decorated my bathroom and also had a new kitchen fitted so every where is so nice and cosy. my favourite room is the living room but my son would say his room xx

Donna from Essex

Winning the makeover has meant I now have three rooms which have been decorated, furnished and styled cohesively (fully put together), something I struggled to achieve by myself.
It also gave us the opportunity to have a massive de clutter and we donated masses of stuff to the local charity shop. It has also helped by not having to do these rooms for the foreseeable future.

Winning has inspired me to re decorate the hall and to repaint and accessorise the bathroom and kitchen. Once done, the whole flat will be completed and hopefully to the same level of finish.🤞

Could you let us know how winning has improved your life?

Lucie from Leicester

My home is beautiful & peaceful now I have kept everything the same as I still love it all , I don’t dread sitting in my living room anymore and I also sleep so much better, I’m also not embarrassed to have people round anymore.

Donna from Essex

All three rooms are really nice and practical but my favourite room is the guest room. I would never have thought to use the colours used, but I really like it. Everytime I go in there, it makes me feel happy. I wish now I’d asked for that room with twin beds to have been designated as the main bedroom (but that’s just me). The main bedroom is also calm and uncluttered and I am now sleeping better.

Overall, I am really pleased that I was one of the lucky ones who won an amazing prize.

We love to hear about our happy Mecca Dream Come True winners! Will we be sharing stories of YOUR lucky win next year?

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