Most iconic TV Soap Halloween moments

Our favourite soaps might not always deliver the ghoulish goods on Halloween, but whenever they do it’s well worth a watch! So, we’ve put together 5 top moments for you to enjoy this weekend. Why not fight the October chills with something, well…chilling?

Hollyoaks: Silas accidentally murders his own daughter

Oops. That’s not a mistake you’d want to make in a hurry, is it?!

This disturbing case of mistaken identity takes place over a PVC catsuit that killer Silas sent to his potential victim – unfortunately, he didn’t bank on his daughter Heidi donning the exact same look. After killing her in an alleyway with a brick, he discovers his fatal error all too late. A pretty serious mix up from a serial killer!

EastEnders: Abi attempts to drown Lauren in the apple bobbing bowl

If you fancy a fright and some pretty extreme sibling rivalry, this EastEnders Halloween special is just the ticket. Following a furious spat with her sister, Abi – who is aptly dressed in an eerie angel costume – grabs Lauren by the hair and holds her face down in the water of an apple bobbing bowl in an attempt to drown her. A word of warning: never upset the broken-hearted!

Coronation Street: Caz frames Maria for his murder

Poor Maria returns from her trip away to find her flat trashed on Halloween, with her furniture destroyed and gruesome splashes of blood all over the walls. Turns out it was the sinister work of ex-policeman Caz, who plotted to frame her for his murder after she didn’t return his affections. Despite Caz’s best efforts to make her look guilty, Maria’s innocence was revealed in the end. Just as well – it seemed like overkill to us!

Emmerdale: Belle overdoes it at a Halloween party

Belle of the ball…or bowl? In this Halloween special, Erin’s major crush on Kirin leads to some seriously poor decision-making. After sporting a vampire-schoolgirl outfit at Vanessa’s Halloween bash, she’s devastated to spot Kirin making eyes at the host (or, should we say ghost?). Electing to drown her sorrows doesn’t go so well – in fact, she ends up shouting at the pair and vomiting publicly in a punchbowl. Sick or treat, anyone?

Hollyoaks: Halloween Spooktacular

We had to throw in a second one for Hollyoaks – after they went all out with FIVE scary episodes a few years back, how could we not? This grisly 2016 extravaganza is packed with scandal, murder and revenge – as well as (unnaturally) mirrored mazes and creepy Ferris wheels! If you’re craving back to back soapy horror, this isn’t one to miss.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the juiciest moments from Halloween on our favourite soaps. If you’d like to discover more about what we’re up to this Halloween, check out our socials to get the scoop!


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