National No Smoking Day: How did you give up?

National No Smoking Day falls on 11th March this year, and it’s a great opportunity for smokers of all ages to think about quitting, and get the help and support they need to give up.

The health benefits to quitting are obvious, so if you’re thinking about quitting you can find advice on the NHS Quit Smoking website.

To mark National No Smoking Day, we asked some of our players how they managed to give up the ciggies. From tried-and-tested techniques, to going cold turkey, to some rather more unusual tactics, here’s how they kicked the habit.

Gingerbreadbird: I quit after 43 years of smoking – did it 5 years ago with vape. It really helped. I just reduced nicotine strength every 2 weeks. It worked great for me.
ReeneluvsxBurty: I sucked Chupa Chup lollies!
LUCKYxSNEEDYx: Vape works for us – we both stopped.
Gemsnana: Eat!
SamHolden: Cold turkey – it was so tough. I also went to a group meeting. That did help because I had to use a machine every week and it could tell if you had been smoking.

And how did they keep themselves busy when they first gave up, to get through the day?

Beccyjoeysnan: Willpower for me. And you need to be busy.
Gemsnana: I changed my routine, and I crochet to keep my hands busy.
Sallyslops: You deal with one fag at a time. Once you haven’t smoked one, you wait till you need the next one! After that you count down.
GEMSNYLUCKPLS: I stopped 10 years ago after smoking for 40 years. Just willpower for me in the end! And smoking sometimes is a habit, like straight after meals or before going out.
SHADOWMYST: My best friend died last year – she smoked for 40 years. The day of her funeral I said ‘no more for me’ and not had one since. Not missed it one bit!

If you want to follow in the footsteps of our fabulous quitters this National No Smoking Day, take a look at NHS Quit Smoking for help and support on giving up.


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