Pet Bingo – The Reveal

Happy April Fool’s day! Be honest, how many of you believed that Pet Bingo was on it’s way to Mecca Bingo? We are starting to wish that it really was, watch this space and you never know. Now that we’ve revealed this was an April Fool’s day post – let’s introduce you to the pets behind the prank.

The chickens – Madge and Mabel (owned by Liza) love corn on the cob, pasta and rice. Hate rain, love sunshine.

They love to watch Liza dig the garden hoping they will get a worm or 2.


Mikey (Owned by Mecca’s very own Jon Shawcross) – Mikey is a 6 year old French Bulldog who lives in Southern Spain with his annoying brother Gary, a 1 year old Basset Hound. To get away from him, Mikey loves nothing better than a few rounds of bingo in between snoozing and eating anything and everything he can find

Buddy (owned by Liza) – Buddy is a friendly dog who likes to eat treats to help keep him out of mischief while Louise is working from home.

Tallulah (owned by Kirsty):  Tallulah is an 18 year old cat who takes her owners NHS work very seriously and contributes by demanding cuddles, demanding food and snacks and demanding to go outside. And to come back in again

Marvel (owned by Ryan and Laura:  He’s the softest dog in the world and loves everyone. He enjoys going for walks and eating the most! Marvel even has his own theme song.

“MARVEL the wonderful dog, if he cant do it, no one can”

Roxy (owned by Vicky) – Roxy (aka Nana Roxy) is enjoying her later life at home with plenty of Nana naps, treats and basking in her favourite sunny spot. She is still entertaining the family with her charismatic charm and if given the chance she’d be a dab hand at bingo!

Jack (also owned by Vicky) – Jack the fighter fish has a keen eye for anything lurking around his tank and will greet you with a sudden flash of his blue fins. He likes to blow alot of bubbles and watches the front door for any visitors

Astrid (Owned by Mecca’s Catherine). Astrid the Tabby cat is overweight.  She steals food from other cats in the neighbourhood and has the biggest cat belly you’ve ever seen.

She’s also a right softy and loves nothing more than joining a Netflix binge on the sofa.

Ivar (Also, owned by Mecca’s Catherine). He loves sneaking into the loft and hiding out there.  He also loves catnip and rolls around in it sneezing.

When he was a kitten he stowed away in a brewery van and ended up in a pub 20 miles away.

We hope you’ve loved seeing the pets behind the prank as much as we have. Do let us know your favourite in the comments below. Stay tuned to the Mecca Blog and Mecca Bingo for loads more pet related content.


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