Seven Must-Have Decorations for Christmas 2022

There’s so much to think about in the run-up to the festive season– so just to make sure you don’t forget anything major, we’ve put together a special list of décor essentials to help you deck the halls this Christmas! Here are 7 essentials that we know yule love to have in your home…

Christmas Tree

Let’s start with the no.1 necessity, shall we? Nothing signals Christmas like your evergreen centrepiece! Available in all shapes, colours, and sizes, a Christmas tree is the ultimate necessity for your living room. A little tip: artificial ones can be a good call as they look great and last forever.

Christmas Ornaments

Of course, no Christmas is complete without a dedicated tree decorating session! From rainbow-coloured glass trinkets to sparkling blue and gold ornaments, to adorable silvery owls and scarlet robins, there are umpteen hues and styles available to give your home that special personalised glow.


Wreaths are the perfect way to feel Christmassy from the minute you put your key in the door, and your neighbours are bound to love it too! Whether you’d like to keep it traditional with red berries, go cute with candy canes, or add a touch of glamour with glittering frosty tones, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to these beautiful circular adornments.


Nothing shouts cosy Christmas like a pretty stocking filled with treats for your nearest and dearest. From classic, personalised knitted numbers to elegant white faux-fur iterations, to delicate floral prints, these staples never fail to look homely and last a lifetime.

Fairy lights

Lovely at any time of the year – but a serious must in the festive season. LED lights are an affordable way to add a touch of twinkling warmth and cheer to any interior or exterior!


A sure-fire way to make sure your Christmas vibe hits every sense is with seasonal candles. Coloured candlesticks give any setting an opulent feel, while scented options with spiced wintery aromas of cinnamon or nutmeg will get your guests in the spirit from the moment they walk through the door!

Advent Calendar

The best way to count down to Christmas…and with so many varieties! Get your daily sugar hit with sweets or chocolate, or if you’re not the most sweet-toothed, you can try one that gives you anything you’re a fan of; from beauty products, to hot sauce, to socks! If you’d like something more sustainable, there are plenty of stunning reusable ones that you can bring out year after year.

We hope you enjoyed checking out this year’s Christmas décor essentials. Don’t forget to take part in our Cash for Christmas weekly prize draw, which takes place every Friday on MeccaTV and could see you catching £5,000 in our Big Bauble Machine!


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