Shop to your heart’s content without spending a fortune

Keeping up with the latest fashions is hard work isn’t it? Trying to find up to date clothes for every occasion that not only suit your shape and size, but also don’t break the bank can be a full time job in itself.

But fortunately our trusty supermarkets have the perfect answer for us – a huge range of gorgeous clothes and accessories that make us look good and are easy on the pocket, too. Best news of all is that they can be purchased at the same time as doing your weekly shop, saving all you busy ladies precious time and money.

Don’t be fooled into thinking supermarket fashions are a cheaper alternative to the outfits you would find on the high street or in designer stores. Chic tailoring, elegant cuts and figure flattering nips and tucks are clothing design perks usually reserved for those with plenty of cash to splash. But with loads of talented designers and stylists, such as Gok Wan, it’s a good idea to hop aboard the ‘supermarket bus’ as plenty of high-end bargains can be found nestled between the milk and bread.

Currently leading the stampede is TU at Sainsbury’s who are now the seventh biggest clothing retailer in the UK. The uber glamorous Wag Louise Redknapp is a huge fan of TU and is frequently seen modelling their latest pieces; who wouldn’t jump at the chance to look a bit like her? Okay, we can’t promise you that wearing this season’s bright yellow coat on the school run will transform you overnight into a fresh-faced fashionista, but, costing less than a pair of GHD’s, it’s got to be worth a shot, right?

George at Asda is also making huge waves, particularly for the younger supermarket-sweeper. Their G21 Talent range brings a designer trend-leading edge to the supermarket shelves and means you can wear some of the season’s hottest trends for just a fraction of the price.   The most talented fashion graduates fresh out of college are selected to design the catwalk-inspired clothes, making them so much more wearable than the ridiculous stuff you see the top models strutting down the runway in. This means you can be confident you’re wearing the season’s latest styles, but without looking like a dog’s dinner.

And finally, we couldn’t write an article about supermarket fashion bargains without mentioning F&F at Tesco. A firm favourite with the stunning TOWIE girls, F&F have really nailed what us fashion savvy, busy mums are looking for – easy-to-wear clothes and accessories that look good and don’t cost a fortune.

And if you find a few extra pounds lurking at the bottom of your purse, you could really splash out with something from their Signature range. They’ve even opened a boutique in West Kensington – an inclusive designer shop people of all incomes would feel comfortable frequenting.

So next time you’re frantically searching for the perfect outfit to wear to a job interview, or to one of our Mecca party nights, then make sure you take a good look between the salad aisles or behind the hot food counter – your dream dress could be waiting there for you.

Happy shopping.


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