Silly Christmas Gift Ideas

bacon toothpasteChristmas is a time where you brave the busy town centre to buy your loved ones something meaningful and can treasure forever.


Or you could mix up their gift expectations and wrap up something just a little bit silly for them to open on Christmas morning – plus you need to do something light hearted early because they’ll be fighting over whatever dusty board game you decide pull out to play later.


Here’s our list of the best silly gifts to give to loved ones this Christmas:


  1. Bacon toothpaste – If they never have time to eat breakfast then give them the gift of bacon in a tube.
  2. Ring for wine bell – We don’t think there has ever been a more important and necessary gift. It even comes on a keychain so you can ring for wine anytime.
  3. Belly button brush – for the person who has everything you can let them clean out their belly button fluff in style, with a silver painted brush that even comes in its very own metal case.
  4. Lightsaber chopsticks – If they are a big Star Wars fan then let them eat noodles, whilst using the Force.
  5. Cat coin stealing money box – This gift is cute, but absolutely pointless. Simply place a coin on the button and watch as a little cat pops out, meows and steals the coin, dropping it into the moneybox. Hours of amusement for both kids and adults!
  6. Giant googly eyes – Googly eyes make everything a little funnier and with these giant ones your gift recipient can stick them on the fridge, the dustbin or on the car to add a touch of whimsy to their day.
  7. Hot guys and baby animals book – The title says it all really, a book filled with pictures of swoon worthy men (who are usually topless) holding cute baby animals. What more could you want? Check out our Tortoise and Man ad here, which is another great example of the two things we love best.
  8. Man flu survival kit – The man in your life will probably come down with a deadly cold virus sometime in his life, so be prepared and give him the gift of a man flu survival kit to help him through this tough time (while you also have a cold and continue to do all the housework and sort the kids).
  9. Nothing – If the person you’re buying for really does have everything, then give them the gift of well…nothing. No really, you can buy a box of absolutely nothing for £6.99. It’s also a great gift for those infuriating people who won’t give you a straight answer when you ask what they want.


Many people believe that a gift should be something the recipient will enjoy, but not necessarily something they would buy for themselves and these gift ideas tick that box nicely.


Let us know if what you’ll be buying off the list this year and who for (please note, a willy egg fryer is probably not a good gift for your Dad).


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