South Shields raises £1,200 for charity in honour of fallen former employee

Mecca South Shields raised £1,200 during a charity event in late March, half of which has been donated to the Elizabeth Ridley Foundation, a group that supports families who’ve been affected by leukaemia.


Leukaemia took former Mecca employee Wendy McKean’s life in early March and the team at Mecca South Shields decided to host a charity event in her honour and raise funds for her two daughters, Georgia, 16, and nine-year-old Emma.

“Wendy was an amazing woman and a beloved member of our family here at Mecca,” said Mecca South Shields general manager Martin Webster. “Her children have been through so much and we just wish we could do more. Wendy will always be in our hearts.”


In addition to £1,200, generous customers donated over 150 gifts, a £90 Barbour, a £75 bottle of champagne and a plane tour over South Shields.


Jaimee Ridley, the founder of the newly established Elizabeth Ridley Foundation, created the foundation in her mother’s honour. Jaimee’s mother, Elizabeth Ridley, lost her battle with leukaemia in 2012.


“I set up this foundation, not just to help families financially, but to help people with things they need to improve their quality of life,” said 18-year-old Jaimee. “I know there isn’t anything that can help the way that Georgia and Emma feel, but this holiday to Florida is something they can at least look forward to. It shows them that something nice can happen.”


The Elizabeth Ridley Foundation has donated over £3,000 to the McKean family, which, along with the £600 raised by Mecca South Shields, will enable Emma and Georgia the opportunity to get away from it all and visit Walt Disney World, a place where kids can just be kids.


Mecca South Shields is donating the remaining £600 to its charity partner, the Carers Trust.


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