Stevi Ritchie Answers Your Questions


We’re so excited for The X Factor final this weekend and we still can’t really decide who we want to win. Mecca HQ is very much split into three distinct camps – Team Andrea, Team Ben and Team Fleur!

We caught up with the lovely Stevi Ritchie to find out what he’s been up to, who he wants to win and his plans for the future.


@MeccaBingo – Have you ever given bingo a try?

Stevi: I have, I called Bingo as well, when I was Blue Coat they got me to do Bingo one night and I was telling jokes in between, all the two little ducks quack quack, it was really good, but I have never won a bingo game in my life.



@zayns_monkey – Who do you want to win The X Factor?

Stevi: To be honest I have to go with my Overs: Ben or Fleur, I think possibly Ben might win it, but a lot of people are saying Fleur, she had a great performance on Saturday night, she’s got it all. I mean all three of them are going to get record contracts without a doubt, but I think Ben has probably got the edge. I don’t know why but I think he’ll clinch it.


@flagg88 – Fancy a beer sometime?

Stevi: Is it a bloke or a woman? It depends where and if they are paying. Why not?


@nathmillo – What song would you sing if you had made it to the final?

Stevi: Straight forward, Olly Murs as my celebrity duet and singing Dance With Me Tonight, defo. I think that would be a great one because it is the first audition that I did, and of course I forgot the lyrics, so it would be quite ironic to actually remember the lyrics and do it with Olly.


@shahtina – What are your plans now you’ve left The X Factor?

Stevi: Well I would still like to say that I will keep in touch with Simon and he will offer me a job next year, doing something on camera, I don’t know what, anything really. Of course we all want a record contract don’t we? Yeah I’ll have to see if either Simon gives me a record contract or something to do with The X Factor next year. I like to keep busy and maybe try a bit of TV presenting, something like that would be awesome.


@ahron82 – What was your favourite performance?

Stevi: I would say Music Of The Night, I got a really good reaction, I was really happy with it.


@bananabromley – Will you be performing the Egyptian themed song on the tour? Complete with honey!

Stevi: You know what, I get to pick some songs on tour and why not, if it entertains the crowd, I am well up for that!


@sandy123045 – How are you doing now you’re not on The X Factor?

Stevi: I was a bit gutted at first, but I knew it was my time to go, and now I am happy, I am earning money, I can see my daughter. I have been recognised a lot, which is great, the public support is just mental. It’s been a really really great experience.


@NiallsAngelEssex – Are you going to be performing at all on any of the final shows?

Stevi: I am! I’m looking forward to coming back this weekend, I will be back Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be there and I will be giving it my all.


@NicholPichardo – What is your favourite single and band?

Stevi: Queen would have to be my favourite band, and I love Somebody To Love.


@Scottie_Brown – Any chance of getting @thesteviritchie in the final as a wildcard?

Stevi: Do you know what, last Saturday my Twitter was going mental, literally loads of people saying ‘oh it is boring now’,  ‘we want Stevie back’ ‘bring Stevie back’, so if I could change the rules, I would come back as wildcard, but there is no chance that I am going to be doing that but it is really nice that people are showing their support.


@jackosbourn04 – What’s Michael Buble got that @THESTEVIRITCHIE hasn’t?

Stevi: Oh my God, I think he has a very lovely silky toned voice, he is good looking, I don’t know, I mean, me, I am a performer, but he just got a natural ability, and I think he has got a better voice than me by far.


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