Sweet as Candy is the first Top of the Slot for 2021

Mecca Bingo turns 60 this year (I know, I know; it doesn’t look a day over 40) and so to celebrate, this week’s top slot is a brand new (and exclusive to Mecca) game, Sweet as Candy Prize Lines. This delicious slot game will have you ravenous for big candy-coated wins and, for this week only, we’re sprinkling even more fun into the mix with the chance to earn up to 25 free spins when you deposit and stake on the game. Yum.

Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or not, this slot is bound to satisfy every player, from beginners to pros, thanks to the abundance of fruity features. The clue is in the name, as this game introduces all-new Prize Lines, where you get 5 spins to try and fill the grid with sweets to complete the lines and win, well, a prize. The more lines you manage to fill, the bigger the prize at the end!

There’s also the chance to tuck into a Spin-Crease Chance, where, at the end of the five Prize Line spins, you can choose to end the game and take the prize or spin again for an additional cost to try and complete more Prize Lines for even bigger prizes.

Of course, no bag of treats is complete without a big stir of free spins, and 25 Gummy Bear Cash symbols on any free spin could be yours to devour. Just try not to spoil your tea.

Does all of this sound delicious? We thought so.

If you want to drizzle up to 25 free spins onto your game with this weeks Top of the Slots, then here’s what you need to deposit and stake:

Deposit and stake £10 to get 5 free spins

Deposit and stake £20 to get 10 free spins

Deposit and stake £30 to get 15 free spins

Deposit and stake £40 to get 20 free spins

Deposit and stake £50 to get 25 free spins

Your free spins will be ready to be tucked into on the 8th January, so make sure you save room.

We don’t want to be greedy, so next week we’ll be back with another tempting slot and even more ways to earn free spins. In the meantime, why not sink your teeth into another one of our fabulous online slots and games for the chance more delicious wins? 

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