What if we told you that you are just a few weeks away from a special goodie? Mecca Bingo is all set and ready to launch Teaser Thursday, where you could grab yourself a great prize.

We’ve got a sneaky little riddle for you to answer for the next four Thursdays. Mind you, there’s a password to unlock on the fifth Thursday. Use the answers to these four weeks to solve the final riddle and win a prize!

Let’s not waste any more time… you’ve got a riddle to solve. Here we gooo…


  1. jennifer willoughby

    got it

  2. Done

  3. I’m not sure what I am meant to comment but the answer is rain which my dog hates but he has a coat.

  4. done

  5. Rain

  6. Love playing teasers thanks for the extra bit of fun mecca

  7. Good luck

  8. Best of luck to all

  9. Washed my Windows today so
    You know it’s going to rain lol

  10. Done
    Good luck everyone

  11. Good luck to you all

  12. Got it 🙂

  13. Got it, love this wee game

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