Princess Diana, The Queen of Hearts

Princess Diana was a trailblazer unlike any other member of the Royal family. She broke down barriers between Royals and the people, she raised awareness and money for charities, a legacy which still resonates today through her family.

Today, the 1st of July, the late Princess Diana would have celebrated her 61st birthday. After marrying Prince Charles, she quickly captured the hearts of the nation and became famous across the world.

She led the way in showing what the role of a royal should be in modern times and her behaviour changed the way the Royal family are perceived. 25 years on, we can see what a long way they have come thanks to Diana’s positive influence. We thought we’d take this opportunity to remember why she was so loved and celebrate her amazing achievements.

Charity and humanitarian work

Diana was actively involved in many charities. She made it her mission to raise awareness for an extensive range of causes, including anything from leprosy to mental health. Rather than just being a representative for a charity, she would go and visit the people in need. She made a point of using her media popularity to draw attention to problems such as homelessness.

Famously she held the hand of an AIDS patient at a time when people still wrongly believed that the illness could be passed on through touch. She supported the ban on landmines and was photographed walking through a landmine field in Angola to raise awareness. This played a crucial role in the passing of the Ottawa treaty banning the use of landmines.

Iconic style

As well as being loved for her kind nature, Princess Diana was admired for her exceptional style. Many women would and still copy her haircuts and dress in clothes inspired by her wardrobe. She was the first royal to take an interest in high fashion and wear outfits by the most well-renowned designers of the time. To this day she is still one of the most celebrated fashion icons.

A loving mother

Princess Diana is the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry. She had William when she was just 21 years old and Harry at 23. Her involvement in their upbringing was unconventional for a royal. She chose their nanny rather than using a royally selected one and was in control of most aspects of their day-to-day lives, including where they went to school and what they wore.

On many occasions her sons have given heart-warming dedications to their mother and have carried on her legacy by supporting charities and being representatives for those in need. In 2006 Prince Harry created the charity Sentebale, in Diana’s honour to helps orphans in Africa. William, Harry and Kate also launched Heads Together, a public awareness campaign partnering with several UK-based charities to de-stigmatize mental health.

The people’s princess

She touched so many lives with her care and compassionate nature, so it’s not surprising that after her death Diana became known as the people’s princess. The term was first used by Tony Blair in a speech he made to try and capture what Princess Diana meant to the whole nation and how her legacy would live on.

Tell us what you love about Princess Diana’s legacy in the comments below. Are you as much of lover of our wonderful royal family as we are? Check out our recent blog celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, and where we featured!


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