The secrets to securing the perfect festive outfit

Party season is back, and many Brits will be dressing to impress – but how many times have you asked, ‘does this outfit look good on me?’ and haven’t been convinced with the answer your other half, friend, or family member gives you?

While a false compliment can be flattering at the time, the lack of sincerity in these comments can leave you feeling unconfident and self-conscious, two things you definitely don’t want to be when you’re turning up to have fun at a party.

We have collaborated with celebrity psychic and body language expert, Inbaal Honigman, to reveal the tell-tale signs to look out for if you want to know if those closest to you are lying to you about your outfit choices!

Inbaal told us,

“When given a compliment, we tend to heartily accept, because people just love the idea that others adore their look. Young or old, trendy or classy, our initial belief would be that we appear fantastic in our new sparkly top! But not everyone is sincere with their comments, and so we all need some quickfire tips to tell how a person really feels, so that we can get changed into something more flattering in plenty of time for the party. Some people lie with their words, but no one can lie with their face and their body. Hand gestures, eyes, lips and shoulders, all conspire together to reveal the honest truth.

To help, Inbaal broke down the signs to look out for when shopping with your loved ones this party season,

The secrets to securing the perfect festive outfit

The Eyes

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and so much can be gleaned from just looking at the eyes of the person who is complimenting us. If they’re maintaining nice, natural eye contact and their eyes match their expression, then this accompanies a true and honest statement. If they have a smiling expression with smiling eyes or a playful expression with playful eyes – a match like that is good news, they’re saying the dress looks good and they mean it. However, if they’re blinking a lot, or if their eyes are wide open in an unnaturally unblinking way, this is suspicious. When their whole face is smiling but their eyes aren’t, there’s dishonesty at play. And if they’re looking away from you, especially if they’re looking down, then don’t trust a word they say. Send the dress back and order something different.

The Hands

When talking to other people and when interacting in a conversation, the hands are never completely still. A lot of our non-verbal communication is expressed via our hands and arms. Check the palms first – are they facing up? Upwards-facing palms indicate truth-telling. It’s an open, receptive gesture that show that the speaker is sharing truthful communication. Relaxed, open hands express sincerity. Clenched hands are stressed and probably lying or even angry! Hand rubbing shows excitement, so if your partner looks enthusiastic about your outfit, they’re clearly loving it.

The Voice

The biggest indicator of dishonesty in a person’s voice is if it’s very different from usual. When you’re checking for lies in conversation with someone you know well, like a partner or a family member, you can tell if their voice is higher or lower, quicker or slower than usual. A change to speech pattern should arouse suspicion. Also, telling the truth is easier and more natural than telling a lie, so a faster sentence is more believable. Ask a short question – ‘does this make me look taller?’ and only accept a fast answer, no ‘erm’ or ‘uhhh’.

The Posture

When a person lies, they naturally hope they’re not caught. Even a simple, inconsequential lie like ‘your waist looks perfect in this dress, darling’, triggers the same trepidation in the liar, and causes them to tilt away from the person they’re talking to. A person who is telling the truth will turn their whole body to face you – heart to heart. An honest comment will come from a body standing solid, two feet slightly apart, and their torso and chest facing directly towards you. If the person’s body is turning away from you, or if they’re trying to make themselves small or seem somehow unstable, their words are likely to be crooked, too. Avoid a shopping trip with this person.

The Face

People who lie tend to touch their face a lot more than someone who is telling the truth. Their nerves influence their actions, so when they say ‘absolutely this skirt is a lovely length’ but they actually think it’s too short, they’d be worried about being caught in their lie. Those nerves could cause them to sweat or blush, so try to notice if they’re looking a bit warm. Head shaking is another sign – if someone doesn’t believe what they’re saying, their face may refute their words by moving from side to side as they speak.

The Mouth

The lips, tongue, and teeth hold a lot of emotions within them and are involuntarily moving all the time. Learn to read the subtle motions of the mouth to find out whether you’re dealing with a teller of truths, or someone trying to keep you sweet for their own needs. Look for signs of stress, such as stretched lips, a tight mouth, or grinding and biting teeth. If the speaker seems tense, they’re not being truthful with you. The loveliest compliment delivered from a clenched mouth is worthless. Honest conversation is evident from the speaker’s neutral mouth shape, relaxed lips and slightly open mouth, chin relaxed and lowered.”

So, if you are looking to find the perfect outfit this party season but you’re hesitant about believing people’s opinions, these tips will help you secure a 10 out of 10 outfit, guaranteed to turn heads at that long-awaited Christmas party! Feeling Festive yet? If so, click here to see all things festive happening at Mecca this year, and how you could win big in time for Christmas.


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