Things to Do if Football is Not for You

Football isn’t for everyone, and it’s always a hot topic when the games are on! So, if it’s not your thing, here’s a list of things you can do instead this Autumn:

Go for a walk

Head to your local park, or wherever takes your fancy, to get some fresh air and enjoy a lovely stroll. Also, try popping your headphones in and listening to your favourite tunes, podcast, or an audio book whilst you wander and spend time in nature.

Bake or cook

Not only is baking or cooking a great way to pass time, but it can actually be quite therapeutic. Plus, you’ll have something delicious to eat at the end of it! So, try out a brand-new recipe, experiment with what you already have in your kitchen, or make one of your favourite dishes.

Pumpkin picking

Autumn is in full swing – so it’s the perfect season to go to a pumpkin picking farm. Halloween doesn’t have to be your thing to do this, it’s fun either way! However, make sure to check beforehand if you need an admission ticket.


There’s nothing like getting stuck into a good book! Get cosy and make yourself a cuppa, whilst you read a book of your choice that takes you to another world.

Have a bubble bath

Make yourself a nice, warm bubble bath and unwind! Also, add some drops of essential oils, bath salts, and even light some candles for the ultimate relaxing ambience.

Go to the cinema

Head to your local cinema and check out the latest films that are showing. Grab yourself some popcorn and snacks and immerse yourself in a movie of your choice.

Play Mecca Bingo online

Put your feet up and log into your Mecca account! Have a fab night in and dive into some thrilling online bingo, slots and much more for heaps of excitement from the comfort of your own home.

Head down to your local Mecca Bingo club

Visit your nearest Mecca club and enjoy an array of entertainment, top-notch food and great drinks whilst you play bingo and your favourite games!

Mecca Luton main hall

So, what’s your favourite thing to do whilst the football’s on? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to check out our other lifestyle blogs here.


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