Top tips for saving fuel on your journeys

During these turbulent times of panic buying, and the increase in fuel cost looming on us, we’ve done a round robin here at Mecca to find out everyone’s best tricks and tips to ensuring the driving you do is the most economical.

Easy on the accelerator

We’ve all seen the successes of our fellow Brit Lewis Hamilton, and whilst what he’s achieved is inspiring, remember he’s not the one paying for his fuel! Accelerate smoothly, and you could save up to 60% more fuel. Maintaining a speed in a high gear and pulling away smoothly is the best way to remain economical.

Clear your boot

Carrying around unnecessary weight requires more fuel, just like it would if you had to carry the contents of your car on your back, you would probably work up an appetite too! Give yourself 10 minutes before your next journey to go through and put those things not needed for your trip, back in the shed.

Switch off your Air-Con

As the leaves fall and the sun sets sooner, I’m sure we’ll be needed it less and less, but especially until the current hysteria is behind us, keep that Air-Con off or only use it when you really need it, like clearing fog off your windscreen.

Top up your tyres

They’re what separate you from the road, and the lower the pressure, the more fuel the car needs, so check your manual, or around your car (usually it’s within the passenger door) to get the info you need on what your tyres should be, and see if you can get close enough to a station to top them up, otherwise I’m sure a friendly neighbour will have a tyre pump you can use.

Plan ahead

Lastly this is an obvious one, is the trip needed? Can you walk to top up your bread bin? If needs must, and of course they often do, then plan your trip. Can you run multiple errands in one journey? As a cold engine requires more fuel. Avoid travelling during busy periods so you don’t find yourself idling too much.

So there it is! Our top tips to stretch out that tank to its fullest, we hope this has been useful during a time we’re all having to ‘go that extra mile’ with saving on fuel. If like most of us, you’re planning on staying in and sitting this one out, then check out our recent post on our Top British Biographies for some inspiration for your next read.

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