Valentine’s Day in 2021

How were you planning on spending Valentine’s Day in 2021? Thinking of indulging in a fancy meal out for two? Hitting the town to find that perfect gift for your special someone? Blowing your budget and jetting away somewhere tropical?

Yep…us neither! As it turns out, all the stuff that makes cupid’s big day a grand occasion can be a little trickier to iron out without the option of travelling, dining, or heading into town. Funny, that…

We know, we know, it’s not the norm. But trust us, there’s no need for the most romantic day of the year to be written off entirely. Here are our three top tips on how to swoon safely this year:

Take a walk
Come on, come on, we may all be weary of being told to go for a walk – but can you honestly say it isn’t nice to head out into the winter sunshine, strolling hand in hand with your loved one? Enjoying a dreamy smatter of snowfall together before spring rears its dazzling head at last? Getting a bit of fresh air and conversation in (even if that conversation revolves entirely around how you can’t believe how much you once took your local cinema for granted)? You know you want to.

Take a shower
As the current life climate goes, we appreciate it’s easy to fall into the living-in-stained-pyjamas-and-very-occasionally-switching-to-fresh-one’s pit of doom. But as far as significant others go, you’ll both appreciate the difference that comes with a little effort (before you panic, no, we’re not suggesting you do anything drastic involving those weird denim things we all once knew as ‘jeans’). So – both of you – freshen up a bit. A little perfume or cologne won’t hurt, nor will a shake-up from the fleecy lockdown uniform we’ve all donned with a little too much ease. It’ll make you feel better. Promise!

Much as you might pine for the spoils of your favourite lavish restaurant on this special day, it’s possible than all this chaos you’ve forgotten its main selling point on Valentine’s Day: no one wants to cook! So, let’s thank our lucky stars that no one has to, shall we? Time to get down to business. Hit the apps, browse the options, get yourselves a takeaway, snuggle in, find a movie and grab a bottle of wine (or two, or three…). You know the drill!

The verdict: it’s not ideal this year. But it doesn’t sound so bad, really, does it? Still, we’re all ears for extra tips. Us all here at Mecca Bingo would love to know how you did your Valentine’s, 2021 style!


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