Only The Young Answer your Questions

Parrisa-and-Betsy-1We caught up with Parisa and Betsy from Only The Young to answer your questions.


@Rey_Payne12 Are you planning to do covers or originals sooner or later?

Betsy: We’ve got like loads of covers up our sleeves and everything that we want to release. We have been writing for like, two years, so we have got loads of songs working towards our album.

Parisa: Yeah we are going to bring it, bring it even more so, more covers, you know we are going out gigging as will, so you will all be able to hear our stuff there. We have this song called Broken, there’s a little teaser on YouTube, check it out.

Betsy: Every weekend before our performance we would sing Broken in a circle, which is our little ritual.


@aaronfrenchboy What was your favourite performance on The  X Factor?

Parisa: My favourite performance that I really enjoyed was The Way You Look Tonight because that song means a lot to me, and it was really fun. And the first week for me I really enjoyed too, when we did Jailhouse Rock and Twist and Shout, those are my favourites.

Betsy: My favourite performance, like Parisa as a group was week 1, I just thought it was completely us and we felt really comfortable on stage. But look wise my favourite was I Want To Be Like You, I thought staging and outfits were amazing.

Parisa: And Monster Mash, we loved Monster Mash, it was a great one.


@Plattfan1 If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you take with you?

Betsy: I would take peanut butter because it is so good. I love it – that’s why Stevi Ritchie and me got on so well, we shared a love for peanut butter.

Parisa: I would take a book, maybe a sun lounger,

A book?

Parisa: A Jacqueline Wilson book – I still read them, a sun lounger to get a tan, then I would get a teleporting machine

Betsy: Me and Parisa both love them!


@yoursuchamuggle Who was the nicest person you’ve met on The X Factor?

Betsy: I think Chris from Stereo Kicks and Barclay – such lovely guys, and Stevi Ritchie, lovely guy, not a bad bone in his body.

Parisa: Literally, like the Production Team, were amazing, like the runners, researchers, everyone! Harry Styles was lovely too. He was just really genuine.

Betsy: Olly Murs was really lovely too!


@jazz_lake did you write Bad Influences from past experiences or just random? Btw, it’s amazing!!

Both: Just randomness.

Betsy: We were all sitting in the studio writing that and we were just like, what can we put in crazy there, just writing random thoughts.

Parisa: We wanted to write a song with a bit of a storyline to it and so bad influence was born. We get into almost like a character, and you act as if ‘what would this character do in this position’ and it brings out a song, that is how it works with us.

Who is the bad influence in this group?

Betsy: All of us influence each other in different ways.

Parisa: Probably me and Betsy.

Betsy: Yeah, we are a little double act,


@calvinliu96 What you going to do now you’ve left The X Factor?

Paris: Onwards and upwards, got the tour, got gigs, this is not the end for Only The Young! We are gonna, maybe in 2015, if all goes well and we get a record deal, which is the plan for us, we might be on the show, performing our first single, you never know. We had an amazing time and we wouldn’t change anything

Betsy: I was saying to my mum, even if we got to the final and went all the way, I would still be genuinely gutted to leave the house and all the people behind. Like, we have made the most amazing friends, not just contestants, but the production team and even Louis. Hopefully we will still keep in contact with him, make a few prank calls, now that we have his number!


@dram0ray what was your favourite moment in The X Factor?

Parisa: My personal favourite moment was finding out that we got through to the Live Shows

Betsy: Judges houses overall was just an insane experience, you know you don’t really get the opportunity to fly to such an incredible country and perform there and then get handed the opportunity of a lifetime. We enjoyed Judges house thoroughly


@ujftcamftoty would you rather have a hamster sized elephant or an elephant sized hamster?

Betsy: A hamster sized elephant, I would love that, OMG where can I buy one?

Parisa: You can put in in you pocket


@BlueFatCookies One word to describe youngsters?

Parisa: Incredible

Betsy: One of a kind


@lauren_music_ If You Had To Pick On Act From The X Factor To Listen To Who It Be And Why?

Betsy: I know he is gone now but I really loved Jack Walton’s voice

Parisa: Yeah me too, 100%, I agree


@taeyeonslamp What have been your favourite outfits to wear on @TheXFactor?

Betsy: Big Band

Parisa: Mine was when we sang Boom, Clap.

Betsy: I loved Big Band, I would never wear something like that usually


@MillyTW_ fave ice cream flavour?

Betsy: Well its chocolate, but I had this red velvet ice cream in America and it was amazing

Parisa: Pistachio for me


@Indie_Andie what is your favourite memory before The X Factor?

Parisa: The day we met for me

Betsy: I think it’s got to be the Summertime Ball – that was incredible!


@beth_snape_ would you go in I’m A Celebrity?

Parisa: Yeah but we would only do it if we went on as a four, and like we had to do everything as a four – even the trials.


@Ellie_xxx1 if you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be? And I’m so upset and annoyed you’ve gone

 Both: Aww thanks. It would be Bruno Mars – he is an amazing artist!


@SONMGhost will you continue making YouTube videos of your songs?

Parisa: Of course we will, we will continue doing what we were doing before the show and even more so and give back to our amazing fans who have done so much to us


@nicbrock143 what’s your favourite thing about your supporters ?xxx

Parisa: They are always there for us. When we got kicked off the show on Saturday, and we popped in to say goodbye to everybody on the Sunday, and fans were waiting outside, on the off chance that we were there. They are always wherever we go, they always have our back, they are always here to support us. And you know what, they are really honest and that’s what we like the most about them, they don’t just, you know, say you are amazing all the time, you know they are honest and we can’t thank them enough for their support.


@19Keega now that you left who would you want to win! Gutted you lot went thought you were amazing

Betsy: Ben or Fleur for us. We think they are amazing

Parisa: And we know Lauren is going to do really well, she doesn’t have to win.


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